Hair Diary: Zoe Zeigler



GlamSavvy Life: Hey Zoe! What's the relationship with your hair like?

Zoe Zeigler: I’ve always taken a great deal of pride in my hair. Whether it was straight, curly, weaved or braided – my hair has always been my crowning glory. It’s my most important outlet for self-expression.

GSL: We all have a hair journey. Could you tell us a little about your own?

ZZ: As a young girl, I was always natural. My mother never put any chemicals in my hair, but she would press it occasionally. During my middle school years, I wanted nothing more than to have big, full curls like MelB from Spice Girls. I had no idea what a twist-out was at that point, so I talked my parents into letting me get a Wave Nouveau curly perm - but let’s call it what it really was: a jerry curl! Within a few months, it made all of my hair fall out. Epic fail! In high school, I mostly wore my hair in braids while it grew back. Then, in college, I discovered the weave and quickly became addicted. For about eight years, there was rarely a time you would catch me without my tracks laid. I didn’t feel comfortable without a weave.

GSL: When did that discomfort change for you?

ZZ: At some point, I got fed-up with allowing myself to feel less-than-beautiful without added hair pieces. Plus, I realized how much money I was spending on my weave addiction and decided it just had to stop. At the time, the natural hair community on YOUTUBE was just beginning to emerge and seeing women chronicle their hair journeys and take such pride in their curly crops really inspired me to embrace my natural curls. I wore twist out styles for about three years, then, last year, I decided to cut it into the short style I have now.

GSL: That's such a great story! What is it that you most about your hair now?

ZZ: With my current short cut, I just love the way the shape brings out and accentuates my best facial features. I also adore the texture. I can’t imagine not having curly/kinky hair. It gives me life!

GSL: Who inspired this short style you so much?

ZZ: I was originally inspired by blogger Ariel Sansaricq aka Faintly Masculine’s tapered curly cut. I had never had short hair before though, and I was unsure about whether I could pull off something similar. Then in January of last year, I went on vacation to South Africa and I saw so many beautiful, confident, feminine women that were bald or had really, really short hair. I was so inspired – to me it was in its purest form. I arrived back stateside and the next day, I cut my hair off.

GSL: Oh wow! We bet your regimen with this style is fun for you. What are some of the products you use and can't live without?

ZZ: Cutting my hair truly simplified my life. It’s so easy. About every 5 days, I co-wash my hair in the shower with a color-protecting conditioner. When I get out, with my hair dripping wet, I put a couple of pumps of DevaCurl B’Leave In all over my hair, making sure not to disrupt my curl pattern in the process. Then on the crown of my head, where my hair is longest, I put in Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and a tiny bit of Eco Styler Gel mixed with water to help my curls keep shape. I do a good head shaking to allow my curls clump and then I dry my hair for about 20 minutes with a diffuser attachment on my blow dryer. I sleep on a satin pillow case at night. I don't wear a bonnet, though. It smooshes my hair too much. In the morning, I do a little fluffing with my hands and a light oil.

GSL: Short styles are so much fun, but what is a good tip for maintaining them?

ZZ: I’ve noticed the key to maintaining my style is to invest in a good cut, so about every three months I get my hair shaped up at DevaChan salon in SoHo. They cut hair dry in its naturally curly state, which I love.

GSL: How do you feel about touching your hair?

I’m not a fan. To me, there’s something very intimate and personal about touching a person’s head/hair. It just seems rude to reach out and stick your hands in a person’s hair, especially without permission.

GSL: Do you have any hair envy?

ZZ: Living in New York City, I feel like I’m stepping onto a hair catwalk every time I leave the house. There’s so much versatility. So many women owning their looks—be it short, long, curly, wavy or straight. I wouldn’t call it hair envy, but I randomly spot a new hair crush on the street on a weekly basis.

GSL: Who would you consider to be your favorite blogger?

ZZ: How can I pick just one? There are so many great ones! The Monroe Sisters, Ms. Vaughn & Meechy Monroe, have always been favorites of mine throughout my natural hair journey. I love McKenzie Renae’s overall style. And the three ladies that make up My Natural Sistas always keep me inspired and have great tutorials.

GSL: That's a great list! The natural hair community is full of so many personalities and fresh faces that are ready and willing to help all of us with our many different hair issues. What hair advice do you have for GSL readers?

ZZ: Not to let people, society or trends dictate how you rock your crown. I think it’s so important to be our authentic selves in every way, and not let anyone or anything make us feel like we need to change who we are. My curly hair is part of my identity and if I ever feel like it’s not embraced – be it by a job, a man, or anything else – it’s just a sign that whatever it was wasn’t truly meant for me.


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