Hair Diary: Destiny


Destiny's smile compliments her hair, you can't miss both when she walks in a room. We're thrilled to share her hair diary, we hope her uniqueness helps you embrace your uniqueness...


GlamSavvy Life: Hi Destiny! Describe your relationship with your hair. Destiny Conely: I didn't really understand my texture or hair type until high school. In the 9th grade, I became authentically natural and, since then, I have learned to embrace my kinky, spirally curls.

GSL: What do you love most about having natural hair? DC: I love how I can get up and go with just a spritz of water and leave-in conditioner. My natural hair is the easiest to manage with my hectic schedule.

GSL: We all have a hair journey…tell us a little about your own. DC: I've always been natural, however, as a child, I would get my hair pressed about every two weeks. It was mostly straight until middle school. One day, after I shampooed my hair, I realized my curly hair texture. I put mousse, oil, and frizz spray to support the curls into my wet hair. This gave me a wavy, kinky look. I fell in love and kept it ever since.

GSL: What's your hair care regimen like? Which products work best for you? DC: My daily hair care includes wetting my hair in the shower, applying Giovanni's Direct Leave-In Conditioner, then I blow dry or air dry  my hair depending on the weather. I wash my hair only once or twice a month, but I deep condition (co-wash) every week. Most of my products are organic or homemade - like jobaba oil, coconut oil, Shea butter. I do use Giovanni's hair care line and Murray's pomade for the up-dos.

GSL: Do you have hair envy? DC: My parents have always inspired me to be my original self. I like to keep things sexy, yet simple. My hairstyle always reflects this motto and my personality: funky, simple, sweet! However, I do love Solange Knowles' natural hairdo's! Whether it's weave, braids, or her real hair, she rocks all her natural looks so well. I definitely want her hair volume for a full luscious look!

GSL: Who's your favorite beauty blogger? DC: Lately, I follow Naptural85 on YouTube for hair tips. This how I switched to organic products. She introduced me to how I can detangle my ends with my fingers instead of constantly combing my hair. I believe this really helped my hair grow!

GSL: A lot of girls have an issue with people touching their hair. What's your take on it? DC: I don't mind someone asking me politely to touch my hair, but I do prefer those I am acquainted with to only touch my hair. I am very particular about cleanliness.

GSL: Any words of wisdom for our readers? DC: "Good hair" really just means healthy hair. Explore everything about your hair: texture, pattern, thickness...and embrace your uniqueness!