GlamStyle: Tia Gary






On her most casual days Tia Gary is the epitome of glamour. Her hair is never out of place and she wears every outfit with elegance and grace.

GSL: What does style mean to you?

Style is a form of expression.

Through one's clothing, accessories, hair, makeup, and attitude. It reflects a person's preferences and influences.

GSL: How would you describe your personal style?

TG: Versatile. I like to switch it up all the time. Sometimes I can have more of a girly, urban, grunge look and other times it can be more glamorous and chic. Either or it is always sassy.

GSL: Who and what inspires your personal Style? TG: Almost everyone and everything. It's kinda hard to narrow it down and give credit to one source of inspiration. On a day to day basis I see different things I like on different people and say to my self "I have to have it". Or when passing the windows of different stores.

GSL: Who are your style icons and why? TG: My style icons are Zoe Kravitz and Sarah Jessica Parker. Zoe for my more youthful, girly grunge looks. Sarah for my more chic and glamorous looks.

GSL: If you could relive a fashion era which would it be? TG: Definitely the 80's. I loved the oversized shirts, leggings, mini skirts and off the shoulder tops. Its so funny sometimes my friends tease me and call me flashdance because I'm always cutting and ripping my shirts so that they are off the shoulder shirts like worn in the movie flashdance.

GSL: Would you consider yourself a Trend setter? TG: I never thought of myself as one but, it seems as if I am viewed as one. People are always asking me for hair makeup and fashion advice. Or they want to know where I bought a certain article of clothes from. So, I guess so.

GSL: What are your favorite places to shop and your favorite brands? TG: Ahhhh! There's just too many. I am not loyal to one brand or the next. I usually shop at Zara, Forever 21, the little boutiques in soho, BCBG, Topshop, I loveee Macy's, oh yes and Bebe.

GSL: Do you have a strategy when you shop? TG:

Find what looks the best!

For me it's always about the fit and the color. That's how I successfully find things that look good on me. What looks good on one person may not look good on the next person.

GSL: What items in your closet you can’t live without? TG: Right now... I'm obsessed with my peplum belt from Zara because it creates instant peplum on any outfit. It's the best thing ever. Also I just bought a pair of tan and gold almost gladiator like sandal heels from BCBG that I am in love with! All of my bracelets because bracelet stacking is in so it gives me an excuse to wear all of them at once.

GSL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? TG: In the next five years I would like to start up an inspirational clothing line. Not like granny looking shirts or anything but more urban/grunge style clothing that convey spiritual messages.

My faith has really helped me through so much and I think fashion maybe one of the best outlets for me to share it with the world.

GSL: As we wrap this up, what advice would you give to anyone reading this? TG: Sure, my top 3 style tips for readers are: 1) don't over accessorize, as Coco Chanel says always take off one accessory before you leave the house.

2) If you try on a dress an you like it. It isn't the dress for you. Keep shopping till you find the dress you love and don't want to take off.

3) Lastly, don't dress for anyone but yourself!