GlamStyle: Jillian Green

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GlamSavvy Life: You're hilarious! Why did you choose comedy?

Jillian Green: Thank you! I chose to do comedy because it’s fulfilling. My parents are funny and I’ve always loved making people laugh, so it just feels natural. I got started taking improv classes and, over time, I built up more confidence from being on stage a lot. Soon after, I wanted to see what it would be like to perform on my own and now I’m completely obsessed with it.

GSL: What are some of the challenges you've had to overcome as a comedienne?

JG: The biggest challenge for me has been to trust my own voice. There are a lot of funny people in the world and every one is funny for different reasons. I often remind myself that there is no right way to be funny. I always make sure I’m laughing first.

GSL: Outside of comedy, what other things are you passionate about?

JG: I’m passionate about anything involving artistic expression. I love singing and dancing. I love to paint. I love making things. ART AHHH!

GSL: What gives you courage?

JG: I feel amazing when I truly love what I am wearing. Fashion is art I can wear and I always want my art to be interesting, fun and a party for the eyes.

GSL: You have such a unique sense of style, too! How would you describe it?

JG: I would say my style varies from day to day. It ranges from classic elegance to quirky fabulousness. I aim to incorporate bold colors in every outfit because I freakin’ love colors.

GSL: When did you discover your style and how has it evolved over the years?

JG: I discovered style my sophomore year in high school because I used to play dress up at home. I would feel so happy in the looks I created. Then, one day I was like, “I’m just going to wear this outfit because it makes me feel great.” I never looked back. I was really inspired by cartoons, so most of my looks were super costume-y. I’m older now and the influences are still there but I would say I’m refining it now and working towards a more signature look.

GSL: Who or what are your top style influences or icons?

JG: I'm really influenced by the 50s and 70s. As far as icons are concerned, I'd say Iris Apfel and Solange. Iris Apfel is a joy to see and I love her signature glasses. And Solange? Please. She’s a superhero. I really think both of these ladies have incredible style and exude confidence.

GSL: We love them, too! What are the two most unique pieces in your closet?

JG: I have two turbans that I usually wear when I’m deep conditioning my hair all day. They make me feel like royalty and they’re unique because they were from the dollar store. Two legit gems found on the cheap! I also really love my faux furs, my boots, and my leggings. In my dreams, I look like a haute muppet everyday.

GSL: What are some of your favorite stores or brands?

JG: I shop everywhere! I can find key pieces in every store. I’m looking to customize things more now because I really want to have an exclusively Jillian Green look.

GSL: Have you developed a routine?

JG: I either daydream about it or I just try a bunch of things on while listening to music. Getting ready is therapeutic and fun for me especially if I have a lot of time.

GSL: Any advice for our readers on developing personal style?

JG: Wear what you really like.  Always be comfortable.

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