GlamStyle: Adarna

Adarna's aesthetic is classic with a twist. The day of her shoot we deemed her the "New All-American Girl." Check out her Glamstyle... adrana5


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GSL: Tell us a little about yourself and your style.

Adarna: I'm currently a 2015 Juris Doctor candidate studying full time at New York Law School. I love keeping up with the latest fashions, but I don't try and force them on myself if they don't fit me.

GSL: How do you choose what to wear on a day to day basis with all of the stress of law school?

Adarna: Sometimes I'm the consummate diva, sometimes I'm laid back and easy and some days I'm earthy or Afrocentric. Most days, however, I favor the preppy look, usually dressing in layers as the temperature changes. A jacket, a sweater - I love sweaters! - skinny jeans, and a great riding boot. Frye boots are the best.

 GSL: How do you decide on a look? Do you have a routine?

ADF: No, I don't have a routine. I wear what makes me feel most comfortable, but of course I love my heels. The pair of Giuseppe's I wore at the photo shoot may have looked painful but they were all me!

GSL: They are everything! So is that your go-to look?

ADF: That is my go to look for the fall and winter months. I dress according to how I'm feeling on any particular day, but my look always has a very feminine flair to it. I am very much a "girly girl."

GSL: When did you truly discover this distinctly girly trait in your style?

ADF: I really started getting into fashion when I cut off my dreadlocks in 2008.

Before that I never really wore makeup, I would always have my hair pulled back into a ponytail and I didn't shop where I shop now. Come to think of it, I was kind of boring!

GSL: I wouldn't say boring! Everyone grows and evolves as they get older. How else would you say that your style has evolved?

ADF: I definitely pay more attention to details. For example, I've learned that a pencil skirt looks better with stilettos.

GSL: Very true! Those two are a classic combination. Do you have any style influences?

ADF: I get my style influences from various sources: I subscribe to Harper's Bazaar, Elle and InStyle; I follow fashion bloggers on Instagram; I have the Polyvore fashion app on my phone. And pretty much every time I see someone wearing something I love, I snap a picture. I'm constantly taking screenshots from Instagram or E-online.

GSL: How about style icons?

ADF: I have so many! Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Solange Knowles, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Rita Ora - who has really been impressing me with her style lately! - Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Kerry Washington, and last, but not least, Rihanna.

GSL: Do all of the influences from the magazines, blogs and your personal icons affect where you shop?

ADF: Yes! My favorite store is Zara. Sometimes I do Topshop, Asos, Mango, American Eagle - whose jeggings fit so well - Net-a-porter (I wait for the sale of course) and Shopbop.

GSL: So what would you say are your keys to great personal style? 

ADF: You don't always have to follow the masses. Put your own twist on fashion. I'll choose a simple, subtle plain black Dooney and Burke handbag, over a labeled Gucci bag that everyone and their mama seems to have.

GSL: What advice do you have for our GlamSavvy community on developing their own personal style? ADF: Find what you like and go with it. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks because there’ll always be someone with a negative opinion. That's what’s so great about fashion: you get to play around with it.