Glam Style: Kaydene Forbes


Upon meeting Kaydene, you can't help but be struck by her amazing sense of style. She can effortlessly pull anything off. Her confidence is evident in the risks she takes. Here is a glance of her Glam Style: Age 23 Occupation: Visual Merchandiser, Image consultant.


GSL: What does style mean to you? KF: Style to me means finding what works for you and owning it! Find a look and make it all yours, set trends, take risks and be confident!

Nothing excites me more than a well executed fashion risk!


GSL: How would you describe your personal style? KF: I can't. My style changes with my mood. Today I'll be girly, tomorrow grungy, day after that manhattan chic. I like to play with it.

GSL: Who and what inspires your personal Style? KF: I'd have to say my environment and and personality inspires my style.

Living in New York there is a fashionista on every corner.

There's always something that sparks your interest or something you'd like to try. I think of it as a playful competition, which makes me always want to look my best and be bold.

GSL: Who are your style icons and why? KF: My style icons are Solange Knowles and Tracee Ellis Ross. Both women exudes such elegance and grace. Solange's style I can more relate to its now, its fun and its edgy. Tracee it's more so admiration, she's me in a few more years.

GSL: If you could relive a fashion era which would it be? KF: The 1970's Mini skirts, bell bottoms, fringes, tie dye, ankle length skirts, maxi dresses, platforms and men wore clothes that actually fit last but no least Afros.

The 70's was the birth of fashion in my eyes.


GSL: Would you consider yourself a Trend setter? KF: Yes! The way I'm inspired by people, I too inspire others. From my haircut to my outfits. i can pull off some crazy things. I'm always complimented, questioned or asked for fashion tips.

GSL: What are your favorite places to shop and your favorite brands? KF: I do a lot of thrift store shopping.

More than half my wardrobe is made up of vintage clothing.

I don't have a favorite brand it's always a hit and miss for me. But lately I've been spending more than I'd like to in American Apparel.

GSL: Do you have a strategy when you shop? KF: I do but I don't.

I never go shopping with a certain look or idea in mind. That's how you overlook the good stuff.

Also I prefer to shop alone I'm on my own time and schedule I can take as long as I want.

GSL: What items in your closet you can't live without? KF: Definitely my shoes which does most if not all of the talking for me. Marilyn Monroe once said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world". Then my bags, I have managed to collect a number of handmade bags from different countries and a couple vintage pieces I could never replace.



GSL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? KF: In 5 years I see myself running a men's boutique. In a nutshell I prefer men's fashion much more than women.

Nothing looks better to me than a sharply dressed and groomed man.

I grew to love men's fashion while working as a men's stylist for Gap Inc. There isn't really a big market for men that caters to their individuality and their desire to stand out in a crowd.

GSL: As we wrap this up, what advice would you give to anyone reading this? KF: In this world all you can do is be very true to yourself. Have a clear vision of what you want out of life or you'll lose yourself.

Don't shy away from self expression and remember all the weird things makes us unique.


Photos by Amy Hendy