Friendship Friday


Like any relationship, friendships are hard. I’m not great at friendships, but I’m blessed to have a really fantastic one with Linda, Operations Manager (visionary and contributor) for GSL. I won’t make this a big love fest but the love and adoration she has for me, moves me to tears. So I wanted to take a moment to give a big shout-out to friendship…

Here is to the kind of friend who… -Comes to your house at 2 am after you called her weeping uncontrollably. -Finishes your sentences. -Breaks into dance with you anywhere at any time. -Loves your family like they’re her own. -Teaches you dance routines to Beyoncé songs. -Loses sleep and money helping your vision come to life. -Holds your hand and prays for you in your hardest moments. -Holds you accountable when you fall short. -Reminds you of who you really are when things get grey. -Is a woman phenomenal! Beautiful on the inside and out with a heart of pure gold!!

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I was beyond honored when she asked me to join her in her glamour shoot for her Flirty Thirty Birthday Celebration. It was so much fun and a true reflection of our friendships.

Enjoy the weekend guys! We'll try to feature more awesome friendships.