Five reasons you should love being alone during the holidays

No one ever wants to spend the holidays alone, but unfortunately sometimes that's just the way it is. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or work in another state than your family lives in, being alone during the holidays is inevitable in adulthood. Although it can be hard, it has its benefits as well.



Spending the holidays, the fourth of July specifically, with friends and family is the norm for the most part. About 34.9 million American travel at least 50 miles to be with their loved ones during the holiday weekend, making gas just as much of an expense as food and activities.

And it doesn’t matter what age you are, because the fourth brings everyone out for a good time. According to Forbes, 95% of people celebrating are ages 18-24 and 82% of people over age 65 are as well.

So why would anyone want to spend Independence Day, or any other holiday alone?

Here are five benefits of spending the holidays alone to consider:  

More time for self-care. It’s OK to be selfish, especially during your time off. If you find yourself alone during the holidays, use the extra time to take care of yourself and treat yourself. Between work and your personal life, time alone could be just what you need to get relaxed, focused and back on track. With it being so hard to find to for self-care, solitude during off days is like a gift from God, appreciate it.

Extra time for your side hustle. Working a 9-5 while trying to hustle for yourself can be draining. Being alone, means peace and quiet which means getting things done. Being by yourself while everyone is celebrating, means you have more time to dedicate to building your own brand, blogging or working on your side projects. Special projects, whether you want to turn them into a business or not, can help you stay calm and sane when things get crazy.


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Gain emotional independence. Being emotionally independent means you don’t need other people to make you happy, nor do you allow others to control your moods. When people aren’t around, you should still be happy with yourself and with your life. Many people have a fear of being alone, but being comfortable with being alone is a strong thing to do. Everyone should know how to be OK without knowing that someone is always going to be there. Once you can find happiness in yourself, you’ll really start to enjoy life.

Appreciate your loved ones more. Distant does make the heart grow fonder. Being away from friends, family or your partner can be tough, but it will also make you appreciate the time you do spend together more. It’s not a great feeling to miss the people you love but being alone during the holidays can make you realize that you should make time to see loved ones every chance you get.

Catch a good sale. No matter what holiday it is, stores are going to be having sales all over. In the name of self-care, treat yourself to something you want and get it for a discount while you’re at it. Whether the stores are open or you have to shop the sales online, don’t let being alone for the holidays get you down.


Have you ever had to spend the holidays alone?