How to make this the best summer with your girlfriends

Life post college graduation can be very exciting to think about. Perhaps you’re going to travel the world, already have a job lined up or are even starting a family. Even if you’ve been there already, life after college was hyped up to be the time where you get your life together, and begin one where you aren’t stressed about grades. All of the things that are to be gained from a life post-grad are discussed, but what about what you will lose?


Many have left college and lost friends, relationships and even an old version of themselves. This could be seen as a good and bad thing – growth in life is critical to reaching your full potential. But what about the people who get left behind on accident? Life can get busy but maintaining friendships is essential to your happiness.

Once we’re out of college, living in new cities or even have babies that’s when it becomes easy to lose touch.

If you’re looking for new ways to reconnect with your girlfriends, try these five things:

Plan a getaway. The recent comedy Girls Trip that was released this past weekend has every woman, especially women of color, planning vacations with their closest friends. This movie was more than just something funny to watch on the big screen. It truly made women realize how much they should value their relationships with other women and build a strong support system.

Shopping spree. Going shopping is always a good reason to get the gang back together again. If you are in the same town as your friends, clear a Saturday for just shopping, thrifting and revamping your wardrobe. Even if you just want some company shopping for an outfit for your next event, take the opportunity to invite a friend to come with you.

Fitness class. It’s so hard to stay in shape when you’re always hanging out and meeting up with people. Work, events and just life in general will have you gaining the freshman fifteen after you’ve graduated. If you want to have some true summer bonding time with your girlfriends visit your local Soul Cycle and get snatched together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a yoga class, spinning or even dancing outdoors. Doing something fun that will also keep you in shape can be exactly what you need to have the best summer with friends.

Go to the Spa. A spa trip has never hurt any friendships. This could also be a nice gesture for an upcoming birthday, but just because gift like this are always welcomed. Invite your friends out to a day of pampering to catch up on what’s been going on.

Festivals. Cultural, music and food festivals are something fun and exciting to do with your girlfriends, especially in the summertime. Festivals can be pricey, and some so require travel but these just add to all of the additional communication that’ll take place leading up to fun times with your girls. And in the summertime there is no shortage of festivals, whether you live in the Midwest, or in NYC.


The summertime is meant to be relaxing and filled with good times with the people you love. These are just five ways you can reconnect to do so. Building relationships is easy, it’s maintaining them that take work. But it’s important that you make this your best summer ever with the women in your life, by spending as much time as possible with them.


What fun things do you and your friends have planned for the summer?