Embracing My Unique


We recently launched the "My Unique Is" campaign to promote the upcoming launch of our apparel line celebrating the uniqueness of black women (more on that soon).  I couldn't help but be inspired by the young ladies in the campaign who  stand boldly in their uniqueness. It reminds me that I must embrace my own unique and not allow comparison to others to rob me of my uniqueness.

In the fall, Nia approached members of the then newly formed GSL team to participate in a "Fall Faves" photo shoot.  I was hesitant to participate and immediately I began comparing myself to Nia and Shaina. I thought, me alongside two stylistas in the middle of my weight loss process? How would I pull that off? Nonetheless, I agreed to participate.

The morning of the shoot, I resolved to be positive. I wouldn't allow my negative mindset to take over. During the shoot, I was watching my girls serve up each look with a cup of hot tea, simply slaying and, in the midst of being happy for them, I felt unworthy and hung on to that emotion throughout the day.

At the end of the shoot, Nia asked what was wrong, but I didn't discuss it. It wasn't until we got all the pictures back from the photographer that I told her how I felt and decided I didn't want to share my pictures. To me, they weren't good enough to stand alongside her and Shaina's pictures. She reminded me of our slogan for the apparel line "celebrating the uniqueness of black women" and that my pictures, along with the rest, portrays just that: how unique we all are.

Today I pledge to embrace my unique which includes my weight, my style, my hair, my big personality and my even bigger heart. My unique is powerful!

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