Denim on Denim

IMG_4540IMG_4567IMG_4587IMG_4598IMG_4604IMG_4622IMG_4640 There is no fall fashion without a denim on denim look. That's a rule. Not really, but I'm obsessed with this look, and it was so to easy pull off.

There is something about simplicity of this look and my surroundings that made for a special moment. In a world where things have to be grand, big, and exciting to make us happy, I find solace in peaceful quiet places these days. Everything about my life these days is smaller. It's humble...some may say I've been humbled, and I'm good with that. I wouldn't change anything about the experiences that have led me to this moment.

I live in NYC the epitome of grand, big and exciting. To be honest...I'm over it. On a beautiful day out you can't find an open spot in any of the parks, I live across the street from Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and I'm never there. Whenever I can, I run to my new escapes. The peace of mind and rejuvenation I get for free is just mind blowing.

As I'm sure you've noticed my denim shirt is a closet staple, and this high waisted jeans I recently purchased from ASOS on sale is quickly becoming just that. I'll be wearing these boots all fall/winter long, after searching for a pair for the last few seasons, I was thrilled to find these for less than $30.

Go get you a simply denim on denim look and while you're at it enjoy the simplicity that surrounds you.

Shirt: ASOS High Wasted Jeans: ASOS Coat: She Inside Boots: Just Fab

Stylishly Yours, Nia