Dashiki & Thigh High Boots

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Happy Monday!! I woke up Saturday morning to more Twitter notifications than usual. To my surprise people were sharing 'what does hard work look like, anyway?' and sending me really encouraging messages. I wrote that piece in such a sad and discouraged moment.

It was incredible to see that I was not alone. That was the entire purpose of that post, to let other creatives know they are not alone. The creative struggle gets ugly, but hang in there. It good to know my hard work looks a lot like other people's hard work.

Today, I'm wearing the controversial Dashiki. There has been a debate floating around social media in recent weeks about the appropriation of African culture by black Americans. I'm not African and I'm not a black American, so I've refrained from the debate. I do know that it's complex and nuanced. Two things social media doesn't know how to do. It's also very clear that the black Diaspora borrows and share culture. It's one of the things that make us unique.

I identify as black. For me indulging in the cultures of the Diaspora is about my pure unadulterated love for blackness. Not an othering love, but a love that helps me breathe. A love that helps me BE. A love that helps me connect.

Would you wear the Dashiki? Why or why not?

Dashiki: Street Vendor Boots: H&M s/o (similar)