Daddy Lessons: What lessons has your father taught you in life?

Fathers often don't get the credit they deserve, the good ones anyway. We get so wrapped up in Mother's day that for some reason Father's day is like an after thought. And when I say we, I mean society as a whole. There's overall less sales and promotions going on for Father's day, and less restaurants are packed to capacity. But regardless, Fathers play an important roles in our lives, and often teach us valuable lessons that our Mother's didn't. 

Image: CreatHer Stock 

Image: CreatHer Stock 

We asked our community what lessons their fathers or father figures have taught them over the years, here's what they said: 


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Our founder, Nia Phillip also shared personal stories about her own relationship with her dad, and how it's shaped her as a person. 

Here are some other lessons our community has learned from their fathers: 

1. He taught me to go for what I want no matter what it is. As long as I was right he was behind me.

2. Education, Independence & ownership. Educating myself so that I'm making my own money, owning property & businesses and controlling my life on my terms. 

3. That i am pretty much as smart as anyone out there and that being a woman is not a handicap- it's a strength. 

4. You can't be wrong and strong at the same time. (2) Education is the most important because through what you learn, you earn. (3) He always made me carry my own bags in life because he wanted me to see that I have to be able to do for myself when no one else is around. (4) Real power moves in silence.

5. Daddy taught me how to love my haters. My father has taught me the importance of intelligence and knowledge over grades. The importance of being honest and having a heart for God. I've learned lessons about resilience and patience. 

6. My Dad taught me to conduct yourself for the life you want not the one you have. To go for it, because you don't want regrets.


Happy Father's Day!