CurlBOX founder Myleik Teele gives her podcast listeners her most honest pieces of advice

Myleik Teele is the fearless woman behind curlBOX, a subscription box providing women of color with curly hair the best products to style it. Teele isn’t just an inspiration for women who want to be entrepreneurs but for women with big dreams willing to do the work for it. The advice Teele gives has transformed into her brand, where she houses her best pieces of advice, books, podcast, and more.



The California native now Atlanta based stylish entrepreneur, Teele graduated from San Francisco State University and developed her skills in public relations by working with prominent brands such as The Grammys, Nike and Calvin Klein. After spending 10 years in PR, Teele started curlBOX in 2011 and the growth has been beyond inspiring. She has built partnerships with brands such as Walmart, Target and Procter and Gamble; and a social media following of over 100,000 across platforms.

With so much success also comes failure and Teele hasn’t been shy about sharing the lessons she’s learned during her journey.

Below are five of her most honest pieces of advice over the years:

1. When you do a lot of talking about what you’re going to do, you trick your mind into thinking it’s already done.

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2. A lot of times when we get sensitive for being called out for something it’s because we know we didn’t do our best.

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3. Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner.

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4. You cannot cheat the grind. If you don’t know it and you don’t learn it, you will pay for it over and over and over again.

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5. You can use your circumstances as crutch, or you can let it be what it is – circumstance

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