BUNCH Magazine Creative Director, Asia M. David, shares the 5 keys to landing her dream job

Being creative director of a magazine is one of the most sought after jobs you can land but the journey to earn that title takes a lot of hard work and grit. Asia M. David, Creative Director of BUNCH Magazine shares that her glamorous  career hasn’t always been as picture perfect as it seems. As creative director of BUNCH Magazine, it’s her job to create a visual signature for the publication. That means working with designers, stylists, and photographers amongst other departments to create the cohesive vision for the magazine. This is the dream role for many creatives , but David points out there is no perfect roadmap to get there.

“My journey has ultimately been about trying new things, following your own compass, and asking for what you want,” says David.

Photo: Aja Hitomi Photography, asiamdav.com 

Photo: Aja Hitomi Photography, asiamdav.com 

David had always been a creative, even as a child. She’s taken art classes her entire childhood and began learning DSLR photography at just 10 years old. Growing up in the city of Los Angeles, she wasn’t always presented with opportunities to learn more about her creative passions until she got involved with Venice Arts. Venice Arts is a nonprofit organization that aims to change the lives of LA’s underprivileged youth through photography and film education, and help them use those skills to tell the stories of underrepresented people everywhere.

David ventured off to attend Seattle Pacific University as a visual communications major with two minors in art history and new media. During her undergraduate career she interned everywhere she could to build her portfolio and gain an abundance of design skills before graduating with honors. Like many recent grads, David found herself trying to follow in the footsteps of other successful creatives and figure out how everything would tie together. While canvassing the internet to find the right brands and entrepreneurs for inspiration, she came across BUNCH Magazine, and the rest is history.

“BUNCH was the first thing I found myself truly passionate about,” stated David.

What started as an internship for the magazine designing layouts for the print issues, turned into a new passion and fulfilling career. During her internship, David did much more than design and took the initiative to attend meetings, photoshoots and work on the website.

During a rebranding meeting with Editor-in-Chief Lizzy Okoro, David decided to take a leap of faith and asked to become creative director - needless to say, the answer was yes.


Photo: Aja Hitomi 

Photo: Aja Hitomi 

Here are 5 key lessons Asia M. David has learned during her career:

Research – Find brands you’d be interested in working with and map out what you could contribute to being on their team.

Be Bold – Cold emails can take you far if you contact the right person. Get straight to the point and be very clear on communicating the value you bring to get the yes you’re looking for.

Do Moe – Regardless of the position you’re in or the type of company you work for, do your job well and then some. Take initiative and contribute new ideas regularly.

Have No Fear – Don’t let feeling unqualified stop you from chasing your dreams. Achieving your goals can be relatively easy if you don’t let fear get in your way.

Know Your Next Goal If you don’t know where you’re going next, it’s going to be hard to ask for directions. Always be actively working towards the next goal on your list and keep going until you accomplish them all.

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What are some of your tips for reaching your career goals and landing your dream job?