Cropped N' Newark

Your comfort zone is the enemy! I'm working on leaving mine behind this year. By doing so, I've jumped into cropped tops and started loving Newark. IMG_1920






Newark is known for it's violence and probably Cory Booker. But, the more time I spend there, the more I fall in love. I'm absolutely having a secret rendezvous in Newark. You can usually find me enjoying the libraries, museums, murals and parks. It's rich with history and culture. Yes, there is violence but there is also a lot to love.

Unlike Brooklyn, where there is a hipster on every corner, trying to find a piece of black culture to appropriate, Newark is relatively hipster me though...that won't last long. In about 5 or so years Newark will experience the same sought of insane gentrification that Brooklyn has. Before that happens, take a little time to enjoy it.


Like Newark, cropped tops are often maligned but they have so much to offer. They are really versatile, you can dress them up with a pencil skirt or rock them with casual pants. This outfit was so comfortable and perfect for exploring new loves.

Be sure to check back for my tips on rocking a crop top.

In the meantime you can catch me in Newark, in a cropped top, sippin' on an "Uptown."

Top-F21 Pants-F21 Sandals-F21 Sunglasses-Old Navy

Stylishly Yours, Nia