Cultivating sisterhood: Collaborating your way to new friendships

Building a real sisterhood comes from getting to know like-minded women through support, conversation and collaboration. Cultivating sisterhood through collaboration is a great way to ensure that your new relationships are built on a solid foundation, and have the potential to grow. 

Women supporting other women and build new friendships is based off the collaborations they produce. It's a beautiful thing to see women supporting each other by actively being a part of new endeavors and launches. 

How can collaboration help you build a sisterhood within your network? 

Be supportive. Support other women who are on their way to where you want to be or are already there. Being supportive can go a long way in showing someone that you'll show up when they need you to. Being a creative entrepreneur is glorified so much that many people don't realize all of the hard work that goes into building a platform, building an audience and increasing revenue. 


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Reach out. Collaboration is one of the best relationship builder. Take the time to reach to someone even if it's for something as simple as an interview for your blog. Everyone likes to get featured and this could be laying the ground work for something bigger. Twitter chats, brand partnerships, sponsorships and events are all ways that you can try and collaborate with someone you admire. 

Add value. This is the biggest lesson is collaborating with others, if you want to leave a lasting impression - add value. Whatever it is that you do, always strive to  be the best and bring something to the table that others cannot. 

A collaboration with no value is just free exposure and extra work for someone else. Don't be a burden by being the only one getting something out of the collaboration, that's a sure way that no sisterhood will be formed because the collab itself, won't be much of a success. 

Building a sisterhood means showing up, reaching out and adding value to one other through collaboration. 


How do you build successful collaborations through sisterhood?