10 things to do with your friends that build sisterhood

As if navigating friendships in your adult life isn’t hard enough, finding things to do with your friends can also be challenging.



Everyone has different types of friends with varying degrees of closeness, which means sisterhood building activities aren’t one size fits all. Depending on whether or not your friendships have become long distance or not, there are plenty of activities you can plan long-term while others can be more spontaneous.

Broaden your scope of bonding activities with these suggestions on building a stronger sisterhood and friendships.

Brunch. Who doesn't love brunch? As a kid, having meals with your friends wasn't exactly your idea of a good time. But as an of age adult, brunch is the ultimately bonding experience. 

Vision board party. Nothing beats planning out your year and mapping out your goals with your tribe. Get out some magazines, art supplies and build your future. Vision board parties are great at major milestone times such as around birthdays, graduations and getting a new job. 


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Listening party. Whenever one of your favorite artists drops an album, invite your friends over for some sisterhood bonding time. This could be a very relaxing time, but also a chance to intellectually discuss the meaning behind somen of your favorite tracks. 


Potluck. The best part about having friends who can cook is when they cook for you! Invite your best girlfriends over to catch up over your best dishes. This can be especially fun if you have friends from different countries. 

Wine tasting. Has anyone ever not want to go on a wine tour? Wine tours are a great short getaway, that gives you an easy excuse to drink all day. Even if you can't get to an actual winery, your city may have a wine festival happening close to you. 

Retreat/Vacation.  Catching a flight with your friends and going to a relaxing island is probably ever girls' dream. Plan the ultimate vacation with the women you've built a sisterhood with, and watch it grow even stronger. 

Women’s conference/event. Regular friends, biz besties, social media friends, etc. - get em' together and go to that event you've be dying to attend. Having a support system is super important when building a brand, business or career so having friends that you can take to business events gives you confidence. 

Music festival. There are music festivals all year round, all over the country that you can take your sisters to. Just be sure to dress your best, and leave the over the top outfits at home. 

Take a class. A great way to build sisterhood because learning brings difficulty, and difficult activities bring you closer to the people you are experiencing it with. It can be a fitness class, art or even a skill that can land you a promotion at work. Challenge yourself to try something new. 

Mani/Pedi. With everything we have going on, a spa day is just what you may need, but you'll need your friends as well. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation with your best friends and let go of your problems, and embrace your sisterhood. 



What do you do with your friends when you hang out?