10 top companies hiring remote workers in 2017

With more putting an emphasis on their health and work-life balance, more companies are creating flexjobs to accommodate their employees.

This includes, going part-time to work on your business or degree, taking more time with your kids or even working from home a couple times per week. It isn’t unusual either for an employee to come in with intentions of transitioning into a completely remote role.

Remote work isn’t just great for the worker, but the company too. It increases productivity, efficiency, morale while lowering stress, turnover and real estate costs.  With millennials being very clear about what they expect in a workplace, it’s important to adjust to the changing times of the workforce. Working from home isn’t an American thing, it’s a global trend that’s changing the way we do business.

Here are 10 great companies that will hire remote employees: 

Dell. Dell CEO Michael Dell has a goal to make half of his company remote workers by the year 2020. Sound like a crazy goal? Think again. People who work from home are more productive and often more engaged. Dell has made remote work a priority and has hundreds of roles available from accounting to project management. 

American Express. American Express values the importance of work-life balance. The know that their employee want to do the work, but they can if there are things suffering in their personal lives. They've even won a flexjobs awards for being one one of the best places to work for remote employees. 

Xerox. Xerox currently has more the 8,000 remote employees and is trying to add more. In fact, for the past 30 years Xerox has been allowing their employees to work remotely - before it become a trend. Virtual roles include customer service, data entry and software development. 


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Apple. Become an At Home Advisor with Apple and help customers with their technical difficulties from the comfort of your own home. Apple is always hiring for these positions and they will even train you. The tech giant offers paid time off, discounts and opportunities for advancement. 

Salesforce. Recently, Salesforce announced that they are hiring for 150 remote positions. And this isn't only for customer service roles (which are great too). If you have experience in marketing, engineering, or management your next role could be with Saleforce. 

Nielsen. Nielsen has been recognized for their efforts in diversity and inclusion, and now also allowing employees to work from home. They also just announced that they are hiring for 100 work from home opportunities 

Adobe. There's a reason why Forbes  named Adobe one of the world's most innovative companies - they never stop looking for ways to satisfy their customers or employees. In addition to hiring for telecommuting jobs, they also have a tuition assistance program, medical coverage and fitness membership reimbursement. 

General Electric. GE has been hiring remote workers for years. They are allowing project managers, software engineers and customer care reps to work from home as they please. When employees aren't happy, they aren't engaged. The United States loses billions of dollars due to this disengagement, but GE isn't contributing to that. 

Intuit. Nearly every year, Fortune names Intuit as one of the best places to work. They promote a work culture that's innovative, creative and comfortable. The company doesn't discriminate against work styles - they hire freelancers, remote workers, part-time and temporary. 

Google. With so many false postings are there, a lot of people aren't even sure if Google hires for work from home positions. Well, they do. But to be sure that you'll actually be working for Google and not being lied to, go to their careers page only and search for openings. 

What has your experience been working remotely?