Chasity Cooper on Staying the Course to Your Brilliance


Chasity Cooper is a champion for highlighting the brilliance of millennials. In a time when millennial slander could be found on the timeline from every major publication, Chasity provided a refreshing take that showcased who we really are.  Chasity has served as a leader for millennials seeking to find where their passions and purpose intersect to live the life of their dreams. Chasity was a beginner seeking her brilliance and through finding her mission and dedicated herself to the cause. She’s a great reminder of doing what it takes to go from ‘beginner to brilliance.’

Read more about this Creative Smart Girl below:

Creative Smart Girl: I’m starting all of the ‘Beginner to Brilliance’ features talking about dreams because dreams are really why we’re all here, what’s your dream, Chasity?

Chasity Cooper: What a great question! My dream is to ultimately leave my mark on the world by doing the things I love and inspiring others to do the same. To get a little more specific, through storytelling, creative brand building, and entrepreneurship, I want to empower the millennial generation and generations to come with the tools and resources that will help them truly find where their passions intersect with their life's purpose. I want to teach, travel and learn from different cultures about what it means to live fearlessly and to incite change within my global community. 

CSG: Our mantra is ‘Dreams become a reality when you do the work,’ what does the work entail for you and how do you remain focused?

CC: For me, the work is all about stretching myself creatively and maintaining consistency. As difficult as it can be sometimes, I remain focused by remembering that the work that I do is never about me. From writing personal essays and articles to planning events to collaborating with other creatives, I always keep in the front of mind my audience and what it is they need most to be successful. As I mentioned above, my dream is to empower my generation with the tools they need to reach their full potential, and that sometimes comes with a cost of trying new things, making mistakes and even receiving a rejection. My dreams are always growing and evolving, but remembering my why, I'm able to work smarter and not harder. 

CSG: Millennials on a Mission is so powerful because all the millennials I know are on a mission, tell us about it and why you started it?

CC: Thank you so much! I started MOAM about 3.5 years ago really as a way to spotlight the awesome work that I knew my peers were doing on my blog. Today, it's evolved into a platform that not only promotes positive millennial initiatives but looks to connect and empower this generation of thinkers, doers and game changers to be relentless in their pursuit to change the world. 

In the media then (and still today) the millennial generation is constantly viewed as entitled, narcissistic, and broke because you know, student loans. But with MOAM, I want to shed light on the things that the media tend to neglect: the millennial who works a 9-5 job all the while pursuing their master's degree and running their own non-profit organization, or the millennial who quit their job to follow their dreams of building a tech start-up, or the millennial who is breaking barriers within corporate America and teaching their peers how they can do the same. Our generation is blazing incredible trails that deserve to not only be recognized but also celebrated and supported. 

CSG: Telling the stories of millennials on a mission is your mission, how can we go about defining our own missions?

CC: Truthfully, defining your mission starts from within. It is a combination of identifying your dreams and goals, your gifts and talents, and how those they interact with your current environment. Discovering who you are and who you want to be is an on-going process, but is a process that you must actively take part in on a daily basis. We must be willing to ask ourselves tough questions, try new things, seek out advice from mentors who have been there and done that, make mistakes and ultimately fail in order to reach that goal. 

CSG: There was just an article in the Harvard Business Review ‘The Problem with Millennials? They’re Way Too Hard on Themselves.” This is so true especially when you’re a beginner, how do you suggest we stop being so hard on ourselves? 

CC: I think the most important thing to remember is that success is a journey, not a destination. A lot of times (myself included) we work ourselves up because we think we have to reach a certain career milestone or make a certain amount of money or be in at a particular stage in a relationship by a certain age, when in fact, there is absolutely no rush. We're sometimes so focused on what is next that we don't take enough time to appreciate now and our current process of maturing, learning and growing. 

I think having honest conversations with those around us about where we are and where we want to be will help us realize that we all are indeed on the right track to greatness. Practicing patience and gratitude and staying in your lane will also reduce the stress and anxiety of being so hard on ourselves, too. 

CSG: Honestly, I wanted to create ‘Beginner to Brilliance’ because I felt like there was no space to be a beginner anymore, you have to be an expert right out the gate, what tips do you have for millennial beginners to stay the course to get to their brilliance? 

CC: I love that! I think it is important for beginner millennials to remember that being consistent is vital to staying the course. Once upon a time, we were all beginners and it took lots of practice to be able to produce engaging blog posts, build active online communities and generate revenue. But even as experts, there will always be an opportunity for us to start from scratch. When staying the course to get to your brilliance, it is also important to keep in mind why you started in the first place. Because when moments of frustration, disappointment, and failure arrive, it is the why that will keep us motivated, encouraged and inspired. Finally, never be afraid to ask for help! Nine times out of ten, there are people who have taken similar steps on their path to the brilliance that will help you in the long run.