Camo Vest + Fringe Skirt


Photography by Leo

Camo Vest // Forever21  // Fringe Skirt // ASOS //  // Booties // Forever21 /

Happy Tuesday #CreativeSmartGirls!! I'm back in the blistering NYC summer heat after a vacation in the soothing Grenadian island heat. Don't know why the heat in both places are so different, it is what it is. 

After a few weeks of not creating too much I'm thrilled to be back to creating content. It's never easy to remain inspired and consistent but I'm determined to get it right. 

Style is easily one of the most fun ways I use to express my creativity. Except for the skirt all of these items are oldies but goodies. A camo vest is always a win, the fringe skirt is on trend and the booties come in handy year round.