Burgundy x Plaid

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Sometimes matchy matchy ain’t so bad. Remember when your blouse, shoes, bag, and belt had to match. I mean the exact same color, nothing less. I’m happy that trend is dead, but every now and then a little matchy matchy can be fun and chic.

I’ve wore this skirt quite a few times and it's yet to disappoint. I paid under $20 for it at Jewel's Vintage Closet. I’ve yet to find a vintage store here in NYC that rivals my experience at JVC. When I purchased this skirt, the waist was made for someone much smaller than I am, but Jewel adjusted it to fit me on the spot. Be sure to visit her website and if you’re in the Brooklyn area, make an appointment.

Be sure to mix in a little matchy matchy in your outfits.

Skirt: Jewel's Vintage Top: F21 Shoes: F21 Sunnies: ASOS

Stylishly Yours, Nia