Boho Chic

IMG_3709IMG_3711IMG_3715IMG_3728IMG_3729IMG_3734IMG_3737 I don't usually go this bohemian but, I loved this look. It was definitely outside the box but, still me. I was going through my closet yesterday when I stumbled upon these pants I purchased from Forever21 earlier this summer. My immediate thought was I can't let summer end without wearing these pants so I grabbed them and, began feverishly looking for something to pair them with.

I tried matching tops but nothing seem to work, so I grabbed this printed cropped top also from Forever21 and it just worked. I was going to end it there until I noticed something staring at me in the ass. LAWDT. Don't get me wrong I'm in a very happy space. I've been eating whatever I want and I haven't stepped foot in the gym since early July...and it shows. For this reason I threw on this printed kimono and it also worked. On that note...I'll be back in the gym this week and try to watch what I eat.

This look is NOT for everybody. My own mother's words were, "I know you like dressing out there, but this is just WAY out there and I don't like it." OK...thanks mom. I proceeded to explain to her that I don't adore all of her style choices. The shoes she was wearing at the time were definitely questionable. But...who am I?

That's the great thing about style, it's YOURS. Do as YOU please.

Stylishly Yours, Nia