The Blue Strappy Sandal

Shoes: Forever21 s/o (similar

Pants: Similar

Top: similar

Necklace: similar IMG_9722IMG_9725IMG_9647IMG_9665 IMG_9687 IMG_9735 IMG_9678

These blue strappy sandals are for the perfect summer accessory. The hottest shoe of the summer! I love them so much. Since making the purchase, I've wore them no less than five times. I first fell in love with them when I spotted a similar pair on ZARA's website, but my eyes were too long for my pockets. Imagine my elation my I saw them on sale at Forever21 for half the price. SCORE!

I immediately purchased them because I knew it wouldn't be too long before they were sold out. Before my pair even arrived in the mail, they were no longer on the site.

I have a confession...all the other pieces for this look was shopped from my mother's closet. If she's got, borrow it! Right? lol. The necklace was a great pick up from this year's Dance Africa Festival. It was $7. Another great score!