IMG_5249IMG_5251IMG_5264IMG_5268IMG_5269IMG_5271IMG_5293IMG_5314 I've been told that black is my favorite color. I didn't argue. Black on black just never gets old. Have I told you guys? I'm totally obsessed with H&M lately. Shhhh... Like the post right before this one, everything I'm wearing here is from H&M. They seem to be a haven for affordable minimalist pieces. You would think that minimalism lends itself to affordability but nope. It can get really costly to get decked out in basic pieces from head to toe.

Check out H&M for your affordable minimalist pieces. I had so much fun with this look. As I edit pictures, I can't help but notice the smiles on my face and just how happy I look. Grateful for the little things.

Stylishly Yours, Nia