Back to Basics

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It's back to basics today! I've been MIA for a minute but I'm back. Holiday season is winding down at my job and I can finally begin to breathe again. With that said I'm looking forward to sharing some of the awesome things we've been cooking up for you guys.

If I had to choose an aesthetic of the moment it would be minimalist. I'm loving all the neutral tones and clean lines. I will probably stick with it all winter long. I fell in love with the over-sized camel coat a few seasons ago but I couldn't afford it back then. When I saw this one at Forever21 I just had to have it. I waited for the perfect time for a camel and black moment and it finally arrived. GLORAAY!

This look is very basic, yet super stylish. It's fun when you can make the most of all the basic pieces in your wardrobe. How are you rocking basics these days?

Skirt- H&M Shoes- Forever21 Sweater- Forever21 Coat- Forever21

Stylishly Yours, Nia