A Guide to Stylish Layering












I miss summer. I miss my sun-kissed skin, the cookouts, sundresses, the beach, and some good swimwear. Summer is glorious. But, I’m a fall/winter gal when it comes to style and fashion. Bundling up makes for much more interesting looks. Layering up is not only a great way to help keep the cold away, it’s also a really great way to have some style fun.

Here are 6 quick tips to guide you through your next stylish layered look:

1. The Foundation Here I started with denim on denim. The foundation should be strong and comfortable enough for you to build on. Nothing too heavy or oversized. A basic sweater or shirt paired with jeans or leggings would be excellent choices.

2. Don’t be afraid of too many layers Pile them on. I used 4 layers for this look, please believe there could have been more. It's a great opportunity to wear quite a few of your favorite pieces at once.

3. Incorporate Socks Over the knee socks are a must have accessory this winter. Socks as a visible layer immediately adding style and character to any look. Go for it. It might just be the cheapest way to add life to your wardrobe for those cold months.

4. Layer over your coat I've been doing this a whole lot this fall and winter and I absolutely love it. Who says the coat must the the last layer? Capes and blanket scarves are all the rage this season. Incorporate them effortlessly by throwing them over your coat. You're sure to look chic while keeping warm.

5. Think Texture I love the way all the different textures are working together here. The denim, the cotton, the wool, and the leather all compliment each other and make for a more interesting look.

6. Tell a story with the colors Color stories are fun. For this look I'm definitely telling the fall/winter cozy cabin story. The colors and the plaid pattern screams laying by the fire place of a beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere.

CamelCoat: here. (similar)

Cape: here. (similar)

Socks: here. (similar)

Boots: here.

Leather Gloves: here.

Love this look. Have fun layering.