A Conversation with Jamila Lyiscott

What's Good: Exploring the standards of black worth IMG_2189 copy

I reached out to my friend Jamila this summer after her TED Talk went viral for a sit down talk about the piece and how she was dealing with all the attention. In the planning stages of the event Eric Garner was killed by an illegal choke hole used by a NYPD police officer. Then Mike Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson, his body left in the street for 4 hours, the people of Ferguson took to the streets and were met with by a militarized police force, and the rest is history.

The direction of the talk had to shift. Jamila and I were completely on the same page and she decided on "What's Good!?: Exploring the standards of black worth."

At the crux of the deaths of Eric Garner, Mike Brown and so many others is the underlining idea that they were not worthy of life. The blackness of their skin and their cultural identity did not meet the standards set by white supremacy for living in America. As heartbreaking as that is...it's the truth.

We set out to explore the standards that blacks are forced to live up to in hopes that our humanity might be recognized by the police or the white people we seek out for help after getting into a car accident. Most importantly, we sought to explore the standards we set for ourselves, to recognize the beauty in blackness, to love ourselves and each other a little more, and to take our respective place in this current movement.

"It starts with just do it." ~ Jamila

Checkout the pictures and video below:

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Stylishly & Consciously Yours, Nia