7 Online tools every solopreneur on a budget needs

Going into business alone can be a very scary thing, when it’s all on you to make sure the company succeeds.

With new apps popping up every day, it’s getting easier to run a business alone, especially an online business. But even an online business requires systems, tools and processes for everything to run smoothly. Its one thing to have a small business but it’s completely different to run a small business as a solopreneur.

More and more solopreneurs are born each day with, 17.7 million independent workers in just 2013, and counting. Of the 155 million people in the workforce, about 9% of them are self-proclaimed freelancers, solopreneurs and consultant according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Not only are a large portion of those working in the U.S. solopreneurs but when they need work done, they also hire other freelancers and contractors. But handling business on your won requires extra help and tools.

Here are 7 tools you can use to help with design, bookkeeping, social media, and public relations:

1.      Canva- Canva is a great online tool that can help you with designs for web and print. It has templates for social media graphics, infographics, flyers, social banners and more. There’s even an app for your mobile devices to design on the go. The tools has a library of stock photos and fonts available for your use and while some come with the premium account, most are completely free. With 10 million users, Canva is definitely worth checking out.

2.      Coschedule – Scheduling social media can be a tedious task but necessary for small business. What’s great about Coschedule is that it integrates with your website platform, such as WordPress and allows you to execute your entire marketing strategy under one tool. Coschedule is great for content marketing, social media scheduling and analytics, workflow management, automation and more. This tool has four different plans that range from $30 -1,600 per month but all plans come with a 14-day free trial.

3.      Creative Market – Creative Market is an online hub for designers and developers to share and sell their work to others who may need it. This is a perfect tool for solopreneurs,  you can buy your own fonts, graphics, and website themes in one place. If you’re on your own and have a tight budget, you can find designs and photos for your business without having to hire someone for much more. Each week you can get free design assets sent to your inbox but designs on the site can cost as little as $18.


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4.      Fiverr – It’s a good thing solopreneurs depend on other contractors to get work done because Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can hire someone for less for programming, design, writing, and more.

5.      Help a Reporter Out – If you’re struggling to get the word out about your business or put yourself out there, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) might be what you need. Publicists don’t come cheap, so if you’re looking for a free way to get a press feature, try signing up for HARO emails. Once you sign up, a few times throughout the day you’ll receive an email with a list of reporters looking for experts for quotes in their stories. This is a tool many publicists use to get exposure for their clients and you can use it too. A basic account is free but you can upgrade for $19-149 per month.

6.      Stripe – This tools allows individuals to accept payments over the internet from others for products and services. Stripe uses technology that enables businesses of all sizes to complete transactions online.

7.      Quickbooks – This accounting software for small business is make sure you’re not panicking when it comes to your taxes and bookkeeping. With this tool you can automate your spending, track cash flow, prepare your taxes and more. Quickbooks won’t only save you money but save you up to 11 hours per month. This will only cost you $10 – 17 per month - and that’s when there isn’t an awesome sale going on.


What tools do you use to run your business as a solopreneur? We’d love to know!