6 things to do in Hudson Valley, NY {Winter}

Before deciding to escape to Hudson Valley for my winter getaway, I had no idea what I would do there for 4 days. I actually went to Hudson before and stayed in the wonderful house we rented for the entire trip. I did my research and prepared a 4 day itinerary. We didn't do every thing on the itinerary but it was great to be prepared. Planning a trip to Hudson Valley anytime soon? Here are 6 things you should definitely do: 1. Visit Warren Street Untitled design-4

The mile-long business district boasts dozens of first-tier antique and home furnishing shops, along with an eclectic mix of art galleries, restaurants and performance spaces. I actually stayed on Warren St. We rented a beautiful apartment on the trendy strip. The apartment was above one of the most beautifully curated home decor stores - Valley Variety. Our host and the owner is an interior decorator from San Francisco. As you can imagine, the apartment was impeccably designed. I really prefer the home away from home feeling when traveling. I highly recommend using Airbnb to find a beautiful place to stay when you travel instead of overpriced all-inclusive resorts. If you want a taste of Hudson's trendy evolution, Warren St. is the place to start. Be sure to check it out.

2. Bodhi Spa IMG_6004

Of course I wanted to get a spa treatment. Spa treatments are for rejuvenation and renewal exactly what I needed. Bodhi has a very rustic and antique feel. My massage was in a huge room with a beautiful fire place. I had a 60-minute massage, shortest 60 minutes ever! Bodhi is also well priced. Definitely recommend it.

3. Visit Etsy Hudson Office Untitled design-5

If you as Etsy obesssed as I am, then this is a no brainer. They actually give tours of the office and there is a lovely seating area out back. So charming.

4. Vintage Shops Untitled design-8

This cape coat is all that's needed to ensure you that the vintage shops in Hudson are a must on your next visit. I plan on taking a trip again in the spring just to check the collection at Five & Diamond. Click the link and check out the great story behind this incredible coat.

5. New Croton Dam Untitled design-6

Last week at the New Croton Dam. #spectacular #lovedit #hudsonvalley #wintergetaway

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I posted that video on Instagram last week from my visit to the New Croton Dam. We actually stopped at the Dam on our way up to Hudson. It's only about an hour and a half from NYC. The dam is part artificial and part natural, which forms a waterfall. It impounds up to 19 billion US gallons of water, a small fraction of the New York City water system's total storage capacity of 580 billion US gallons. New Croton Dam has a public park and trail at its base.

It's absolutely stunning. I felt so small standing there just watching it's power. It was difficult to get to because the bridge was closed due to ice. The GPS was very in and out, but we got directions from a lady and we made it there safely. Definitely go check out the dam, I'm sure it's amazing during the spring and summer.

6. Olana State Historic Site Untitled design-7

Olana was the 19th century home, studio and designed landscape of Hudson River School artist Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), his wife Isabel and their four children. The 250 acre historic estate features an elaborately stenciled, Persian-inspired mansion filled with original sketches, studies and paintings by one of the mid-19th century's most famous artists. A diverse decorative arts collection. The 250 acre historic estate features an elaborate and strikingly beautiful views of Hudson Valley.

The Site was closed during our visit, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the elaborate views and lovely landscape. While at the top of that hill I made a vow to myself to see the beauty that the world has to offer. There really is so much to see, both near and far. It's a blessing to have the privilege of leaving you day to day and taking some time to appreciate your life. Definitely, a must see in Hudson Valley.

I had a wonderful time in Hudson. Last week was my most productive week of the year and I'm sure it's due to me disconnecting. Consider a quick getaway, it doesn't matter where you live. Do your research and get going.