50 Positive Affirmations for the Ambitious and Confident #CreativeSmartGirl

Self-care has been a popular topic in the last few months. From validating that Black Lives

Matter to the reading the heartfelt letter from Kid Cudi, mental health and wealth are more important now than ever. We live in a time that puts the focus on the instant and external gratifications of life.  Between living, working and hustling, how is it possible to find time for yourself?


There’s no short answer to this question, but I’ve found a simple one: affirmations. Using affirmations is a great self-care practice that requires discipline. If you’re not familiar with affirmations they’re simple positive statements that reinforce your goals and values. I find the best time to use affirmations are in the morning, it’s a great way to set positive intentions for your day. Priming your mind with healthy, self-assuring and confident phrases set you up to have a great day. All it takes in setting aside 5-10 minutes in the morning to recite your affirmations aloud. Yes, it may feel weird at first but the more you practice the more natural it will become. Here are a few below to help you get started.


Photo: Radio One 

Photo: Radio One 


  1. Happiness is my birthright. I embrace happiness as my state of being.

  2. I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.

  3. Every day in every way, I am becoming more and more successful.

  4. I easily find solutions to challenges and roadblocks and move past them quickly.

  5. I wake up each morning feeling happy and enthusiastic about life!

  6. I fully except myself and know that I am worthy of great things.

  7. By allowing myself to be happy, I inspire others to be happy as well.

  8. I live in the present and I am confident in my future.

  9. I find joy and pleasure in the most simplest things in life.

  10. I feel successful with my life right now, even as I work toward my future success.

  11. I am claiming today as a day of gratitude, greatness, growth and grace.

  12. I matter and what I have to offer this world matters.

  13. I love change and easily adopt myself to new situations.

  14. I wholeheartedly believe in my ability to succeed. I attack each day with courage and confidence

  15. I'm surrounded by joy, happiness & love. I'm open to receiving the all goodness that is coming my way.

  16. I am committed to taking action in spite of fear, knowing that all of my needs will be taken care of by the universe.

  17. No matter what happens today, I will remember the truth that I am beautiful, powerful and free.

  18. I accept responsibility for my own happiness. I don’t need anyone or anything to complete me, I am already complete.

  19. Today is my day! I am happy, free, and fearless.

  20. Today is rich with opportunities and I open my heart to receive them.

  21. I am more than happy with the woman I am & who I am becoming. I am enough.

  22. I am confident in my purpose. I courageously go after what I want

  23. Confidence and gratitude are 2 keys to success. I am thankful for each moment in my journey to achieving my dreams.

  24. No matter what happens today, I will remember that I am free to create my own happiness and reality.

  25. I am ready to show the world who I am & what I have to offer. No one can stop me from fulfilling my purpose!

  26. I am grateful for my unique talents and skills. I am happy to let my light shine.

  27. Today I expect amazing things to happen. I am joyful for all the good that is coming my way.

  28. Today is my day. I am responsible for following the dreams in my heart.

  29. I am free to create my own reality. I define what success and happiness looks like for me.

  30. Today I am committed to being the best version of me.

  31. I am committed to thinking bigger & working with a purpose. My possibilities endless.

  32. I declare this week for taking action. Be bold, make a plan with a purpose, execute with courage & push through.

  33. I am a woman who effortlessly gets things done. I thrive by supporting others.

  34. Today I choose to focus only on the positive and give my best in all that I do.

  35. Doors of opportunity are opening for me. I’m confident that my story & skills inspire those around me.

  36. I walk in my truth, light and love. Today I am committed to being the best version of me.

  37. Today is the perfect day to choose kindness, for yourself and others.

  38. I release my desire to be perfect. I am good enough and able to do the work that is set before me.

  39. I know what I want and I deserve to have it. I take responsibility for actively achieving my goals

  40. People of influence are always working on my behalf.

  41. I honor my need to rest and recharge. I am committed to finding at least one hour of “me” time today!

  42. I’m committed to accomplishing my goals, despite the mistakes I make along the way. Setbacks are fuel for my success.

  43. I am making space for more success to come into my life. I let go of my excuses & I am focused on results!

  44. I am comfortable asking for what I want because I know I deserve it. I honor my desires today & always.

  45. I trust my inner wisdom and intuition. I am the only one who knows what’s best for me.

  46. My passion is rooted in my work. I am committed to being excellent in all that I do.

  47. I am comfortable asking for what I want because I know I deserve it. With focus & faith, I boldly go after what’s mine

  48. I don’t have to wait until I feel “ready” to take action on my goals. The timing will never be perfect. I am ready now.

  49. Today I commit go dreaming dreaming bigger. My time is now

  50. I allow myself to be open to new opportunities and possibilities. I am free of believing that my options are limited.