5 Ways to Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is now becoming more important than IQ. People are paying more and more attention to how you make them feel, and less on what you know. Understanding how to positively interact with people, express emotions and show empathy can make or break your opportunities. Success in life is rarely determined by what you know, but who you know.

Image: WOC in Tech Chat 

Image: WOC in Tech Chat 

For example, going to college isn’t necessarily going to make you successful; but the connections you make will. The people you meet in school, community organizations and work will be the people you can call on for help and support. But those connections won’t mean much if you have low EQ, and can’t maintain meaningful relationships.

When we are aware of our own emotions, we can better understand others and show compassion. EQ is said to be the number one determining factor in your success.

If you’re emotional intelligence could use some work, it’s definitely worth it to put in some work.

Here are five ways to raise your emotional intelligence:

Ask for feedback.

Asking for feedback can be scary, but it’s necessary for improvement. Seeking an understanding of how we interact with others, and react in certain situations, we will be better equipped to handle things in the future. Looking for advice is also a good way to show you have some emotional intelligence. People will appreciate your inquisitiveness, and understand that you are trying. Showing people we care how we make them feel is a critical part of emotional intelligence.

Learn what makes you tick.

Grasping what triggers your emotions (positive and negative), is the key to responding better under pressure. There are many situations in which someone will say or do something, and you react without giving it much thought. Signs of high EQ include thinking before you act or speak. People will always forget the things you said and did, but they’ll never forget the way you make them feel. Use challenging situations as an opportunity to practice better emotional intelligence, and make a good impression on your peers.  


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Show appreciation. 

Showing your appreciation for others is a great way to raise your EQ. People who are appreciate are able to be that way because they can put themselves in the shoes of others. Being emotional intelligent means we are able to show compassion for others and understand what they may be going through. Learning to show appreciation for even the small things someone does, will help your EQ since you'll be able to understand the why behind others' actions. 

Don't let emotions build up. 

When you let emotions build up over time, especially negative ones, it tends to come out at the worst time possible and in front of the wrong people. Learn to express your emotions in a healthy way, and resolve conflict as soon as it arises. When you are able to address problems head on but in a polite manner, you will get a lot further with people. It's not about building perfect relationships with others, but authentic ones. 

Be an active listener. 

Learn to be a better listener. When people feel that you listen to them, especially on the details, it's always appreciated. Also, when you take the time to listen to how others are feeling and what they're going through, you'll be able to respond in the way that they need you to, with sensitivity. 


What are you doing to raise your EQ?