5 Tips to Achieve your Goals Before the New Year

It's so easy to get distracted and lose track of what you're trying to accomplish especially when it comes to goals.


I don't know about you, but a feeling of disappointment consumes me when I don’t  accomplish what I set out to do. Everyone has the power to accomplish whatever they want in life, but sometimes you just need extra help getting it done. We all have goals we are trying to accomplish in life and these tips will help us in making them come true.

To help us all out with this, here are 5 tips to help achieve your goals: 

Make a list

Making a list is the number one tip when it comes to achieving goals. How else will you know what you need to do? When you write a list, it relieves you from  having to remember everything that needs to done. You want to write it down so you can always revert back to it as well.

By having a list, you can write down detailed steps you would have to take in order for each goal to be obtained. A list just makes it easier and will help you keep track of your ideas by being a daily reminder so you don't  forget what  your trying to accomplish. List can also help with prioritizing your goals so you know which one you want to tackle first. 


Keep  a calendar

A calendar is just as important as having a list. When it comes to short or long term goals, not all can be achieved in one day. Some goals take a little more time to accomplish so a calendar can assist with this task. By keeping a calendar handy , you know exactly what you plan to accomplish within a certain time frame. It not only helps with keeping a schedule, but also with organizing each step so that its not overwhelming.


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Ask friends or family to help

It never hurts to ask a friend or family member for help especially when it comes to achieving your goals. Everyone needs a support system to help them out in a time of need. Your friend can not only hold you accountable, but they can help motivate you as well. Going after your dreams can be hard work so it's nice to have someone in your corner rooting you on.

We are need someone to talk to when things aren't necessarily going the way we planned. A friend or relative can offer encouragement,  make sure your sticking to your schedule, help with research, help  you keep consistency  and make sure your taking the steps you need in order to succeed.

Image: CreateHer Stock 

Image: CreateHer Stock 


Action plan

What good is a list or calendar without an action plan? You wrote down your goals, marked what you need to do on a calendar so let's put this into action. Lists can collect dust and days on a calendar can come and go, so it's very important that you pursue  the steps for your goals.

Action plans are useful because they help complete a goal efficiently by breaking down the steps for your goal and what you need to do for each one you have. Action plans can also ensure that you don't miss any steps along the way and help with figuring out what you need to do if can't complete any tasks as well.


Keep positive energy

Having positive energy attracts a sense of motivation for you to go after your goals. Having positive energy leads to having a positive mind which can only inspire you more. This type of energy can be as simple as telling yourself positive affirmations, listening to a motivational speech or even doing a fun activity that you enjoy.

By eliminating all negative energy, you free your mind of stress, worry and start focusing on what you want to accomplish. Keeping positive energy can change your entire way of thinking and that can only enhance achieving goals.


What tips do you have for achieving your goals?

By Jalei Hawkins: 

I'm Jalei,  a young  professional based out of northern California. I'm a graduate of the Art Institute of San Francisco with a Bachelor's Degree in interior Design that enjoys being creative. I have worked with several architectural and customer focused firms along with a select group to establish creative environments to service customers over the last few years. My modern, quirky, hip style is a burst of energy that keeps me going.  Leading the pack in my own way through writing, designing and expressing creativity by assisting others in recommending design tips and projects to uplift my peers and followers.

I'm a soft spoken person with a high energy drive for success.  This drive has lead me to create thalowerwestside.com, my personal site showcasing what I love while simultaneously keeping creativity in mind. I strive to continue this  blog journey helping others create positive environments that they can make reasonably and in style.