5 strategies to stick to your goals when you lose motivation


It’s already June, and for many of us that means we only have 6 months left to accomplish everything we said we would in January.



New Year’s resolutions are tough because you have all this motivation in the beginning in the year but later, you realize that you haven’t been working towards them as aggressively as you should. With the mid-year mark here, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your goals, measure your progress, and make necessary changes to your habits.

Setting goals are one thing, sticking to them throughout an entire year is another. With sticktoitiveness being easier said than done, we could all use some tips to make the hard work easier.


Here are 5 strategies to stick to your goals when you’ve lost motivation:

1. Set deadlines in days

Setting mini deadlines is going to help you produce results because when you feel a sense of urgency, you’re going to work harder and smarter. Instead of saying you want to be consistent with your workout for three months, say you’re going to go to the gym everyday for the next 90 days. The way you word your goals, has just as much effect on how hard you work towards them, when it comes to accomplishing them or not.


2. Get an accountability partner

One of the best ways to motivate yourself and stick to your plans is by telling someone else about it. For example, have you ever said you were going to do something but didn’t even start until you mentioned it to someone else or even posted to social media about it? Finding an accountability partner who also has to crush their yearly goals will give you someone to talk to during tough times and someone that will check in and make sure you aren’t slacking off. Being grown doesn’t mean you couldn’t use a push every once in awhile.


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3. Use a rewards/consequence system

The emotional affects of completing your goals isn’t enough to keep you motivated. By understanding what it will take for you to get serious about where you want to be by the end of the year, you can utilize rewards for doing well. So after blogging consistently for three weeks straight, you’ve now earned a pedicure; or growing your social following by 100 followers each week, you can treat yourself to a fancy dinner. Remember to stay within limits and make sure the reward matches the milestone - don’t go and book a trip to Miami because you posted 3x on your blog this week.


4. Track your goals weekly

Staying motivated means staying focused and that means reminding yourself of what you’re working towards each day. Keep track of your progress each week and even try writing in a journal everyday to reflect on your efforts in the past 24 hours. With urgent deadlines, and weekly goal tracking you’ll constantly be reminded of where you want to be, and the hard work you’ve been putting in. Whether it’s on a whiteboard or spreadsheet, this is where you can see your progress, deadlines and when your next reward is.


5. Search for inspiration daily

Some days, you just aren’t going to be in the mood and that’s normal. But successful people don’t let short-lived emotions run their days so you have to find a way to push past it. Not feeling like doing something, is never a good reason not to do it. However you find inspiration in your work, seek it out everyday. Go for walks, listen to music, even scroll social media to see what others are working on and you’ll be sure to see something that will inspire you to get to pursue your passion.

Happy June! How’s your mid-year goal check in going?