5 Strategic Ways to Win at Office Politics

Office politics is one of those things that everyone has to deal with, no matter where they work. Just because the company culture is great, doesn't mean politics aren't in play. 

Image: WOC in Tech Chat 

Image: WOC in Tech Chat 

In a perfect world, everyone would just be judged off the work they produce and their kindness towards others, but office politics is much more than that. It's easy for an office to fall into cliques which contribute to the negative effects of office politics. 


Starting a new job is the perfect time to have a clean slate with your new colleagues and be known as someone who's nice to everyone. But even if you aren't new in your company there's always time time to turn over a new leaf and make your company a better place to be. 


Here are 5 strategic ways to win at office politics this year: 

Kill them with kindness

Even if it gets back to you that someone said mean things behind your back, don't start to treat them differently. The trick is to kill everyone with kindness so it makes them feel silly to dislike you. Being openly kind to all of your coworkers will set an example that it's possible to not like someone personally yet still be able to work collaboratively. Never let petty office drama get in the way of your  success at work. 


Remain Neutral

If you ever happen to be in a group and others are gossiping about the new guy, don't add your two cents. Always remain neutral in office drama or else you risk your name being dragged into the mess. The best thing you can do is actually walk away when notice the conversation starts going south.  


Never repeat anything

 Its it's not your business what someone says about you behind your back and that applies for everyone else as well. Even if it's your boss or a friend of yours, it's not your job to let them know someone said unpleasant things about them. It's OK to defend someone to protect their reputation but all repeating it will do is stir up drama. 


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Analyze your reactions

 Start to look at the way you react to things determine if you add to the culture positively or negatively. It's also good to remember that you don't have to react to some things at all.  Make a mental note to notice how you react to hearing certain things in the office and see whether you help or hurt the situation. 


Chose quality over quantity

 Choose who you confide in at work very carefully but don't come off as your friendship is exclusive. They to getting rid of bad company culture and navigating office politics is making everyone feel valued and included. You don't have to be friends with everyone but you should be cordial. Choose quality when it comes to close friends and quantity when it comes to spreading kindness. 


How do you successfully navigate office politics?