5-Step Plan to Eliminate Fast Food From Your Diet

I wish I could tell you guys I never eat fast food or that I live a completely healthy lifestyle. Up until very recently, that would have been a complete lie. It is still a daily struggle to ward off fast food, but I have completely eliminated the cravings from my life. I never really had to worry much about my diet because I was the same weight for most of my life. No matter what I ate my energy level was still the same. All throughout high school and college, I ate whatever I wanted, slept for as little as I wanted and still maintained highly productive days.

It was not until very recently that I began to gain weight and I would feel very uncomfortable after eating fast food. I was feeling completely drained and I noticed that my productivity level dropped.

It also dawned on me that my body went through two years of trauma and my metabolism would probably never be the same. First, there was the planning of a wedding I could not afford. This alone stressed me out to no end and caused me to lose a ton of weight. After the wedding was over, my marriage proved to be another traumatic event. Again, I experienced the loss of a lot of weight in a very short period of time.

When I finally started to get my happy back, I ate like my life depended on it. Realistically, my life did not need an extra ten pounds or the lack of energy at that time. As the catchy phrase goes: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” To my mother’s delight, I knew I needed to make some changes. My mom has been on me for years about changing my eating habits and until recently, I ignored her even though I knew that a change had to take place. I realized that the time is now and set forth on creating better eating habits. Here are the five steps I used to eliminate fast food from my life:

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Step 1: Exercise

I incorporated regular exercise into my life about a year and a half ago. I have a love/hate relationship happening with exercise because I hate it while I am doing it and love when it is over. Those endorphins are no joke!

Working out is hard, but I have found that better eating habits make it easier to kick butt in the gym. I use to think that I was working out to eat whatever I wanted, but that only ensured that I worked harder at the gym with little changes to my body. I nullified all of my hard work in the gym and I knew that in order to truly see the result of my workout, I had to give up fast food.

Step 2: Start cooking

If you are no longer purchasing fast food and you do not cook, what will you eat? I know there are food delivery services, but if you are too picky to eat anything delivered to your door in a box like, then you have to get into the kitchen and prepare your meals. I do not hate cooking, but I find it to be extremely time consuming. In order to save on time, I keep my more extravagant meals for the weekend, while relying on salads, left overs and side dishes during the week.

Step 3: Eat more of the fruits and vegetables you love

I am a very picky eater. The list of items I do not eat is definitely longer than the things I enjoy eating. The thought of eating fruits and vegetables use to really disturb me. Fortunately, there are a few fruits and vegetables that I really love and I just started eating them every day instead of every once in a blue moon. Of all the steps on the list, I think this is the one that has made the biggest difference. I really love the way I felt when I ate more fruits and vegetables. It helped me increase and sustain a high level of productivity and that really sealed the deal for me.

Step 4: Cleanse For 30 Days

Once I got to the 30-day mark of eating no fast food, the cravings that I had experienced began to disappear. At this point this I can honestly say that I can go without fast food for the rest of my life and I would not miss it. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that is a HUGE statement coming from me. I am proud to say the days of eating fast food multiple times during the week are behind me.

Step 5: Plan & Pack Lunch

One of the biggest excuses I had for eating fast food was that I did not have lunch and had to purchase something quickly in order to get back to work. I eliminated that excuse by planning and packing my lunches the night before. I try to keep my lunches light and easy to prepare in order to avoid too much hassle. My meals mostly consist of salads, sandwiches and leftovers.

I always knew there would be a day when I eliminated fast food from my diet. I just did not think it would happen so soon and with relative ease. Once I decided that I was uncomfortable with extra weight and wanted to increase my productivity, I took the necessary steps to make it happen. I am by no means where I want to be, but I have made some huge leaps. In the comment section below, let me know what steps you have taken in order to rid fast food from your diet.

Note: These are the steps I took to help me eliminate fast food from my diet. I am not a doctor, nor is this medical advice. Please consult with your doctor or a nutritionist for medical advice.