5 Reasons Why Giving Back is Good for Your Health

Giving back and volunteering can impact so many lives. It lets individuals know that people care about their well being ,but also lets them know that someone is willing to listen to their story in a time of need. When you give back and volunteer, you are not only are helping others, but yourself as well.

Image: CreateHerStock

Image: CreateHerStock


Below are 5 health benefits that can be gained from giving back and volunteering:


Lower blood pressure

So much happens in our lives on a daily basis that can contribute to high blood pressure. It can be stress, food that we eat and lack of exercise. Given all the factors that cause high blood pressure, it can be lowered by giving back and volunteering. Exercise is major when it comes to combating high blood pressure because it can prevent triggers which lead to more health issues.

When you are volunteering, your actively moving which creates a form of exercise. Whether you're helping plant trees or helping  kids everyday after school, it all benefits. When your body is moving in a set routine consistently, it's getting necessary exercise which helps with lowering blood pressure.


Longer life span

Raise your hand if you want to live longer. I believe everyone wants to live as long as they can. That goal is indeed possible especially if you take time out to volunteer. Volunteering as you age can help with developing a healthy body because your active. You are keeping busy as time goes by and that helps with your overall lifespan. Statistics of life expectancy for the U.S in 2017 was 76 years for males and 81 yrs for females. I can only imagine how that can increase with continued volunteering.


Being happy

There is something about helping someone else that just makes you feel good. It's like buying a present for a loved one and eagerly waiting for them to open it just to see their reaction. You just know you've bought them a gift they love and that  just makes you happy to see them smile. That same feeling happens when you give because you feel good knowing that you're helping someone in need. When you are happy, it attracts more positive energy which leads to a happier lifestyle and happy frame of thinking.


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Helps with depression

Depression is a very serious illness that many struggle with often. It can be difficult if you're suffering with depression and have not found ways of coping with it. Besides a doctor's recommended methods of helping with depression, volunteering is an option as well. Being depressed affects an individual's thoughts, mood and interaction with others. If someone is giving back and volunteering, their mind is occupied with what's present versus what's causing their depression. Within a year, 63% of volunteers who had four or more symptoms of depression had now reported fewer. Volunteering is helping with depression in more ways than one.



Stress is all around and can get the best of us at times. It can even cause you to become very ill if you're constantly stressed out. Giving back is a  way to distract stress and have it not effect you at all. Stress can be brought on due to lack of rest, being overworked and overwhelmed. Giving back releases built up  tension you’ve been  worried about and puts your mind at ease. You are no longer thinking about what's stresses you out. Giving back also relieves stress by helping you make connections with others. According to helpguide.org, connecting with others releases hormones that defends the body's "flight or  fight" response. That response is known as stress and how your body reacts to it. I believe if you're helping others, your stress response is more calming and relaxed.


What health benefits have you gained from giving back and volunteering?

By Jalei Hawkins: 

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