5 Powerful Confidence Boosting Exercises

When I hear the word confidence, I instantly associate that term as believing in yourself. Believing in yourself and what your abilities can do for your growth as an individual. We all want confidence so that we can start going after our life aspirations and having it certainly gives us a sense of worth.

Image: Unsplash 

Image: Unsplash 

Having confidence is highly important in this modern day era especially with technology. With the new digital arena we all know and love as social media, it's easy for your confidence to fade based on what you look at, what you may not have accomplished or don't have yet. So how can you build confidence in order to believe in yourself as an individual?

Here are key 5 confidence building exercises that will surely make you feel confident every day:

Kill the negative

Being negative is the worst thing that you can do when you are trying to build confidence. Killing the negative means that your getting rid of anything that does not make you feel confident, let alone happy. Your thoughts, surroundings, and what you see on consistent basis have so much to do with confidence. If it's a toxic relationship, friendship or even a social media feed that has you in rut, just disassociate or delete that energy all together. Life is short and it makes no sense being miserable or feeling less confident in yourself when you don’t need to be. Negativity can take over your mind so you want to kill it as soon as possible so that it does not further lower your confidence all together.


Do an activity that you love

Do an activity or hobby that you love to help build confidence. The greatest feeling in the world is being happy doing something that you love. That instantly builds confidence because you're doing something that keeps your mind away from what you're not feeling confident about. It could be any activity as long as it’s an activity/hobby that you enjoy.


Keep a positivity journal about yourself

Grab a journal and write down one thing you like about yourself everyday. It could be anything ranging from physical, emotional, or mental. Just write down one thing and say it to yourself. It's similar to affirmations where you are training your mind to think positively thus building your confidence at the same time. Eventually, after writing it down and reciting it, you will start believing it. Not only is this a great confidence building exercise, but it helps clear your mind by writing your thoughts down.


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Don't be so hard on yourself

Stop beating yourself up about everything that does not go well. That only eliminates your confidence to the point where your stressed and feel bad. We are all a work in progress and that is perfectly fine. Being a millennial will make you feel like you need to have everything in order all the time and that is definitely not realistic. Its okay to take small steps at a time. Stop worrying and give yourself a little credit. You will get where you want to be in due time.


Embrace your family and friends

Spending time with family and friends can certainly be an added boost to your confidence. You family and friends truly love you and just want the best for you no matter what. They are the ones that know you the best and support you. They can act as a coach when it comes to confidence building. By just being around your friends and family, they can tell you good things about yourself that you probably had not realized on your own.


The next time you don’t feel confident, simply relax and try one of these 5 exercises to help you. We know that these exercises will have you feeling confident in no time.


What are some other confidence-building exercises you plan to try?

By Jalei Hawkins: 

I'm Jalei,  a young  professional based out of northern California. I'm a graduate of the Art Institute of San Francisco with a Bachelor's Degree in interior Design that enjoys being creative. I have worked with several architectural and customer focused firms along with a select group to establish creative environments to service customers over the last few years. My modern, quirky, hip style is a burst of energy that keeps me going.  Leading the pack in my own way through writing, designing and expressing creativity by assisting others in recommending design tips and projects to uplift my peers and followers.

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