5 Little-Known Secrets to Building a Loyal Social Media Tribe

Our society is drowning in information-overload, conveniently comprised of shameless product and event promotion on our “social” platforms. Contrary to popular belief, having your business’s social timeline be an endless scroll of crisp, beautifully taken images of your products & services is not the way to build a loyal tribe, a.k.a following.

Image: Tofros.com from Pexels

Image: Tofros.com from Pexels


Generally speaking, people buy from people they like—the only way to obtain a strong feeling of support or allegiance from your social tribe and prospective customers is to be of value to them.


As we go about our digitally enhanced lives, we are constantly bombarded by ads and all sorts of promotional messaging as we surf the web. There’s a reason behind Facebook’s recent algorithm switch to focus more on “friends & family” type of posts. Social Media platforms have become saturated with businesses and their agendas — and because of those businesses who do not know how to be social— social media has begun to lose its original purpose and identity.


Before businesses realized the profitability achievable in redirecting their marketing efforts to social media platforms, social media was reserved for keeping up with what your family, friends, friend’s friends, and frenemies were up to. It’s now evolved to so much more — a place to get inspiration, motivation, revelation, advice, and enlightenment.


How do you ensure that your brand abides by the social constructs in place and stands out from the noise? The goal is to build a strong, thoughtful social media presence. The size of your online audience means nothing if you are not engaging with them. 


Below are 5 secrets to ensuring that your brand is valuable to a loyal social media tribe:


1. Know Your Audience

In order to be valuable to your social tribe, you have to know what’s valuable to them. What better way than to follow your loyal customers? How else will you know what they aspire to or the information they crave? Creative Smart Girl said it best, “It’s not about popularity; it’s about purpose.”   Are you applying your brand purpose to the relevant content that you are sharing with your audience? Your audience wants to know that they can trust you and your judgment.


2. Identify Pain-Points and Bring Solutions

Most people are interested in improving their quality of life in one way or another. The way that they can achieve that is by solving the issues that they have. When you are brainstorming your social content, make sure to keep in mind the concept of “What’s in it for Me (WIIFM)”— a.k.a what is the benefit that you are providing to your tribe.


What is it that you can offer them that they can then leverage in their own lives? This can be motivation, inspiration, or just purely a great laugh. Of course, be sure to stay-on-brand and be relevant to your industry.


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3. Authenticity Reigns

Be yourself—that’s who they followed in the first place. Share relevant and encouraging personal stories. Share your trials and tribulations. Bring your followers into your daily routines. They want to put a face to the name. Let your followers get to know who you are because at the end of the day your logo is just your design; YOU are your brand.


4. Start a Conversation

Provide content that allows your followers to chime in with their thoughts and perspectives. This shows your tribe that you care about establishing a community, not just a network. This also presents an opportunity for you to demonstrate how important it is to your brand to know them as individuals. Be sure to customize your approach to your audience by listening to what they have to say. Read their comments; follow what they say about your brand in their retweets and shares. Use that user-generated content to answer their questions through future posts.


5. Be the light that you want to see

As mentioned, many people turn to social media for a boost of energy in the form of inspiration or motivation. Make sure that your brand is captured in that search process by ensuring that you produce positive messaging. Be sure to share insights and ideas — not just “information” that can found through any old search engine. When sharing content that has already been posted somewhere, ask yourself “What conclusion did I draw from that information that is relevant to my tribe?” and then share your analysis of that content.


What are your methods for ensuring that you stay “valuable” in the eyes of your social tribe?

By Joanne Augustin  

Joanne Augustin is a Copywriter between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm and a Writer/Content Strategist every other hour in between. She is the founder of the blog Career.Ambition.Growth, a resource for those who are trying to strive towards those three areas. The blog provides practical insights made to be easily implemented and turned into a goal to work towards. Joanne and her writing tone is the equivalent of black coffee with no sugar added — she is bold and without fear when it comes to providing guidance and giving an unexaggerated, realistic perspective on whatever topic she is presenting.