5 Highest Paying Jobs for Millennials 2015

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Looking back, I really limited myself to the social sciences. I fell in love with history and political science, and stuck with that. I wish I were a bit more open-minded. I regret not exploring Science, Technology, Education & Mathematics (STEM) fields or even more creative fields. I'm a strong believer in following your passions, but achieving expert level in a SKILL is invaluable. I don't recommend making your decision on a career based on money, but it should be a very strong factor. Especially if you plan to use student loans to pay for your education. The decision you make is sure to have an impact on the labor market. To help you along, I've put together a list of the highest paying jobs for millennials. CareerCast recently released their first ever Best Jobs for Millennials. I noticed, not every job that ranks as one of the best for is paying big bucks. I recognize that millennials want to feel fulfilled by their work, while using their creativity. Unfortunately, we're plagued by an enormous amount of student loan debt, which needs to be paid. Our focus has to be on fulfillment, creativity, and coins! A job that encompasses all three is hitting the jackpot.

Here are the 5 high paying jobs for Millennials:

5 High Paying Jobs for Millennials

1. Data Scientist

What they do: A data scientist is a job title for an employee or business intelligence (BI) consultant who excels at analyzing data, particularly large amounts of data, to help a business gain a competitive edge.

Median Annual salary: $124, 149

Outlook: Still in it's infancy but highest competitive wages.

2. Advertising Account Executive

What they do: An advertising account executive (also know as an AE) in an advertising agency is often referred to as the "middle man" between the client and the creative department. This is quite the understatement, as a great account executive is the glue that holds the entire project together.

Median Annual Salary: $115, 750

Outlook: Millennials are in high demand as advertising account agents because of the firsthand insight into generational trends they can provide.

3. Software Engineer

What they do: Computer software engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems that enable computers to perform their many applications.

Median Annual Salary: $93, 350

Outlook: Millennial software engineers in Silicon Valley have their pick of jobs, making for a very favorable hiring market.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

What they do: A systems analyst is responsible for researching, planning, coordinating and recommending software and system choices to meet an organization’s business requirements. The systems analyst plays a vital role in the systems development process.

Median Annual Salary: $79,680

Outlook: Tech-savvy of the millennial generation can benefit companies implementing computer systems analysis as a foundation for their organizations.

5. Statistician

What they do: Statisticians use statistical methods to collect and analyze data and help solve real-world problems in business, engineering, the sciences, or other fields.

Median Annual Salary: 75,560

Outlook: Young statisticians' skills are in demand, making this one of the top fields for Millennials.

Technology and data seems to be where the coins are. My first thought reviewing this list was, I don't know how many black girls have actually chosen these careers but THEY SHOULD!! As millennials we've consumed technology and data from a very young age, now is the time to start moving from consumer to producer. So as you venture into making your career decisions, remember to consider the salary potential of your choice and don't limit yourself!!

Have you considered the salary potential of your career choice?