5 Habits to Quit for a Better Work Ethic

It’s almost impossible to properly execute your vision if you don’t have proper planning tools, and a strong work ethic.

Image: CreateHERstock

Image: CreateHERstock

It seems that more people are getting serious about the way they set goals, plan and execute but not everyone is reaching their goals. Could a bad planner be to blame? Lack of process? Do you think you need to pay someone hundreds of dollars to give you their so-called secrets to success? Many people are pointing the finger at how they’re doing things, and not at what they’re actually doing.

It’s important to learn whether your stalled breakthrough has been due to bad planning or a weak work ethic - or both. There’s no need to blame a great planner or system because you weren’t willing to put in the work to make it a success.

Here are two simple steps to determining if you need a better palnning tools or more discipline:

Analyze the problem.

This is where you develop your goals and understand which are being met, and which aren’t. Exactly what has been the biggest problem for you? Are you having a hard time posting to your blog consistently? Or are you not hitting your goals for growing your views? Once you can identify the goal, it’s easier to identify why you haven’t been reaching it.

Analyze your habits.

Success is the accumulation of small efforts on a daily basis. If you aren’t taking the necessary steps to reach your goals every day, you can be sure that your issue is most likely your habits and not your planning.


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Here are five things you can quit to have a better work ethic: 

1. Stop procrastinating  

It seems obvious but this will get a lot of people stuck in a rut.  Putting things off to make time for other things that take priority is called managing up – which we’ll discuss more later. But when you put things off to binge watch your favorite Netflix show, it’s called being unmotivated, uninspired and lazy. There’s a glamorous and gritty side to every occupation but you can’t let the glamour side of things overshadow some of the more boring work that keeps it going. There’s no good in putting anything off, because work piling up will only make you overwhelmed and more likely to submit work that isn’t up to par.

2. Not managing up

Managing up is the art of prioritizing. If you haven’t learned to manage your project properly now it the time to start. Most manager look for that quality in employees and it can take you very far. Even if you work for yourself, learning how to be your own project manager will make things run smoothly when client work picks up.

3. Being in email react mode

Responding too quickly to emails can be a trap as well. If you are always busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, then you won’t have time to take care of your own. It’s better to focus on getting tasks completed, and blocking out an hour in the morning and afternoon to check emails. If emails are the first thing you check when you get to the office, there’s a god change you spend a good half of your morning just responding to request before getting to the real work.

4. Eating poorly  

When you’re taking care of yourself, you render yourself incapable of not taking care of business. Anyone can tell you that when you eat better and exercise, you’ll be more motivated to get work done. Your work ethic relies heavily on how you feel about yourself, so staying healthy is key. Eating well will also give you an energy boost to get things done after a long day of work.

5. Working for superficial reasons  

You won’t be truly motivated to work up to your potential if you’re thinking about the superficial reasons for putting in the work. Maybe you want to gain more followers and become an influencer, that’s fine. But exactly what is your purpose? Do you help people get fit and healthy through the content you post on social? Do you help people find amazing outfits for less through your Instagram posts? Try to strive to be excellent for the sake of excellent and walk in your purpose. Simply wanting to be popular won’t motivate you to put in the work to build your brand, but knowing you’re making a difference will.


What is stop you from a stellar work ethic?