5 events to attend with your squad this fall

Hanging out with your friends doesn’t always mean you have to go to brunch or the movies. Attending events with your friends is the ultimate win - you can put in the necessary networking for your career without sacrificing time with your circle.  


We all have busy lives and it can be hard to balance a career and social life but they don’t have to be completely separate.

It’s also important to know that you can't do all of your networking and business from behind your computer. With so many businesses running solely online, and major brands being built off of social media, personal relationships are more sacred than ever.

Social media is only the first step in build relationships, in person meetings is what does that for you. According to Hubspot 85% of people of say they build stronger, and more meaningful business relationships from in person meetings and conference than virtual.

Also, meeting with your social media friends in real life is the key to building lifelong relationships. According to the same Hubspot study, 75% of people said that in person meetups lead to more social interactions too.

Here are five events you’ll want to attend with you squad, to enhance your social and business circles:



AfroTech is the perfect conference for Black professionals in the world of technology, with workshops, speakers and even a pitch competition. 

Price: $250 - $950

Teen Vogue Summit


The Teen Vogue Summit is taking pace December 1st - 2nd, in a variety of cities including NYC, Austin, Chicago and more. There will be keynotes, mentoring and workshops from people who are the best in their fields. 

Price: TBA

Black Enterprise Tech Connext Summit


Black Enterprise is hosting one of the most valuable and affordable tech events for people of color. There will be talks by startup founders and and tech entrepreuers such as Tara Reed and Ray J. 

Price: $175 

Curvy Curly Conscious


Wellness guru Shelah Marie is taking her Curvy, Curly, Conscious healing tour to LA on September 17th. The event is from 10 am - 5 pm and includes breakout sessions, panels, journaling and meditation sessions, self-love Olympics and more. 

Price: $160 


Quintessential Naturals Tour- Miami


The next stop for the Quintessential Naturals Tour is Miami and Myleik Teele will be a guest. In addition to hearing Myleik speak, you can enjoy the events from inside or outside, presentations, vendors and more. 

Price: $25


What events are you attending this fall?