5 Stylish Vacation Looks

TRACY (2) During my recent visit home to Grenada with my family, I definitely should have heeded the adage "pack less clothes and more money." I wore less than half of the clothes, and shoes I packed, but the pieces I did wear, made for some awesome vacation looks.

what's yours- (6)

Obviously, I spent a tremendous amount of time on the beach and in the pool. I would be crazy not to. This F21 high-waisted bottom had the most fun. I had three bikini tops that complimented it and I just switched them in and out. More on that in a future post. I just loved this H&M floppy hat, it had so many glam moments.

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We went river tubing and I thought the best pieces to wear were a blue monokini, F21 crochet shorts, and the Wrap Life head wrap. There must always be a glam factor. My mother bought the monokini, and I don't remember the deets. This was too much fun and I got to snap a few pictures right before the fun started. Great day, greater memories.

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To continue the beach/water trend. I wore this amazing kimono as a cover up to the beach. We stayed walking distance from the beach and it was just an easy way to make the walk over. I love this kimono and the fact that I only spent $4.99 is just... I purchased it from Bargain Hunter here in NYC. If you're in the NYC area, do yourself a favor and pay Bargain Hunter a visit. There are some awesome finds there.

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Here I am walking to a different beach a little further away from where we stayed...lol. Old linen pants, DIY top, and my floppy hat. Easy, comfortable and just as glam. That's the thing about vacation, after a while I just started wearing what made sense and not what made a statement.

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Finally, for a non beach related look. I wore this look to take a stroll down memory lane. I'm actually standing outside my paternal grandmother's home right before we paid her a visit. The view was breathtaking and the picture doesn't do it justice. After visiting her we trekked to the house I grew up in, and saw so many people from my childhood. It was a F21 crop top, F21 headband, the skirt was gifted from my sister, vintage bag, and gold sandals.

My trip to Grenada was so surreal from where we stayed to reconnecting with my family after 15 years. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity and grateful to my family who took such superb care of us.

Next time you're packing for vacation remember less clothes, more money. Just be sure to pack pieces that will make for awesome looks.

Stylishly Yours, Nia