Chevron Skirt x Faux Fur Vest

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Happy Cyber Monday!! Hope you had the most amazing thanksgiving ever! I'm so grateful for my family, friends and readers for the support that you've shown. It's been five years, but this year felt like year one all over again. It's truly a privilege to create content that others can relate to. Thank you!! I'm so excited for 2016 and bringing to life more amazing content, products, and services. Coming soon!!

Today is also a really important day in my 9-5 world. Cyber Monday is usually the day the company sprints out of the red and we can finally breathe easy about the financial stability of the company for at least the next year. It's exciting but exhausting for those of us trying to make sure the day we spent the last 9 months preparing for actually goes off without a hitch. Happy to report things are going smoothly so far.

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The 70s aesthetic is often a fall fav. What's more 70s than a chevron skirt, platform heels, a turtle neck and faux fur vest? I can't think of anything else. I shot this near Prospect Park here in Brooklyn on a perfect fall day. The way the sunlight hit the fall foliage was just everything!! It's the little things.

Hope you guys are having an amazing Cyber Monday!! Time to get back to work.

Skirt: (similar) Faux Fur Vest: (similar) Shoes: (similar) Turtle Neck: (similar)