20 Black Women you Should Know in the Tech Industry

Tech hasn't always been the most welcoming industry for people of color, especially women. Companies are now spending as much as $16 billion on diversity programs in an effort to change this. 


Despite diversity and inclusion initiatives not being 100% successful, Black women, have continued to push through and break barriers to create more opportunities for those who will follow them. 

Here are 20 Black women disrupting the tech industry with the products, communities and expertise they bring to the table: 

Angel Rich - Founder of Credit Stacker app

Angel Rich HeadShot.jpeg

Saron Yitbarek - Founder of Code Newbies

Image: Illinois.edu 

Image: Illinois.edu 

Safia Abdalla  - Software engineer, founder of Zarf.co

Image: Safia Rocks 

Image: Safia Rocks 

Dara Oke  - Software engineer

Image: Twitter 

Image: Twitter 

Lateesha Thomas  - Program manager at Google and Women Techmakers

Image: Twitter 

Image: Twitter 

Annyce Davis  - Android developer

Image: Twitter 

Image: Twitter 

Kimberly Bryant  - Founder of Black Girls Code


Morgan DeBaun  - Founder of Blavity


Kathryn Finney  - Founder of Digital Undivided


Tiffani Ashley Bell - YCombinator alum, founder of The Human Utility


Byllie Bodie - Network engineer

Image: AJC.com

Image: AJC.com

Camille Eddy - Mechanical Engineer at X, Robotics


Aisha Bowe  - CEO of STEM Board, Aerospace Engineer


Erica Joy - Senior Engineering Manager at Patreon  


Shanise Barona  - Full stack web developer, Co-Organizer of Ela Conference


Janel Martinez - Co-founder of 2020 Shift


Christina Morillo - Information Security Engineer at Microsoft


Valeisha Butterfield Jones - Head of Black Community Engagement at Google, CEO of WEEN


Courteney Ervin - Web developer at NY Public Library


Bria Sullivan  - Engineer at Google



Who are some other women killing it in the tech industry?