10 Ways to Start your Morning Routine for a Productive Day

The way you start your morning sets the entire tone for the rest of your day. If you start your day with bad habits and a negative outlook, the rest of the events throughout the day are sure to follow the same path. Creating healthy morning habits isn’t about creating a routine that isn’t aligned with your personality, but it’s really about finding what works for you.

Image: CreateHERStock 

Image: CreateHERStock 


Here are 10 things you can do in the morning to jumpstart a productive day:


Meditating can be a very relaxing and strategic move when it comes to your morning routine. Being in a state of meditation allows you to block out all of the problems you’ll deal with during the day and focus on your happiness and fulfillment. Set aside 15 worry-free minutes in the morning to think about absolutely nothing before you have to tend to everything.


Make a to-do list

Block out time for each task you have to complete for the day, but keep it short and sweet. There’s no sense in making a to-do list that you’ll never be able to finish. It’s also a good idea to put the hardest tasks first when tackling it, so then the end of your day is smooth sailing.


Don’t check emails

Checking your emails, especially first thing in the morning, can be draining. Just responding to everyone - not even completing requests - can take at least 30 min to an hour to do. Check your emails on in blocks of time that you’ve set aside for that and avoid making that time as soon as you come into the office.



Exercising in the morning can be one of the best things you can do for your productivity and work ethic. Building up all of your energy at the crack of dawn will have you energized all day long, and ready to conquer the world. When you’re taking care of yourself, your work ethic is always better and you’re able to take care of business as well.


Plan ahead

Plan what you are going to wear, do and accomplish the night before. Starting your day the night before allows you to stop wasting time making insignificant decisions and gives you more time to really get into a morning routine. Ditch the last minute outfits and rushing out of the door, for a relaxed, stress-free morning.


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Wake up early

Waking up early is hard for many people to do, and they only do so because their work requires it. Many successful people have stated that only getting the minimum amount of sleep they need and waking up around 4 or 5 am, is what helps them maximize the hours in the day. This will be uncomfortable the first few times but will surely get easier as time goes, and goals have been reached.


Read a book

Have you ever felt motivated to get work done after reading a few pages of one of your favorite books? Whether it be a self-help book or a fictional read, the author or main character is setting their mind to something and accomplishing it, and that should make you want to reach your goals as well. Even if it’s just during your commute, pick up a book and see what a difference it makes in your mindset during the day.



Take the first 10 minutes after you wake up to either reflect on the events of the previous day or dive into what you plan to get out of the day ahead. Journaling is a great thing to pair with meditation to clear your head before the start of the workday.


Listen to a podcast

Just like a great book, listening to a podcast is just as effective. If reading isn’t your thing, There are a lot of great podcasts aimed at helping just about every demographic, occupation or situation. Pick one for your commute or while you get ready and start the day right.


Drink water

Health truly is wealth. Don’t let the first time you drink a glass of water be when you’re having lunch at noon. Start your day with a tall glass of water for an energy boost and throw in some fruit to make it even better.


What’s your morning routine?