10 questions to ask in an interview that will impress any recruiter

The scariest part about job searching isn’t getting rejection emails, but sitting face to face with someone who holds your fate at the company in their hands.

Image: WOC in tech chat 

Image: WOC in tech chat 

On-site interviews are nerve wrecking but not if you are qualified and well prepared for the sit down. Before even going into an interview, make sure you know something about the company first. Nothing disqualifies you like not knowing who they are or what they do, because that just shows that you want a job, not that job.


Also, you’ll want to do your research on the recruiter (HR and hiring) since that will drive the interview in a more conversational direction. Something as simple as knowing where they graduated can make all the difference in how the conversation flows. Thirty-three percent of hiring manager actually know within the first 90 seconds whether they’re going to move forward with a candidate or not. Common mistakes as to why someone didn’t get the job include failure to make eye contact, choice of clothing and not even asking for the job.


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The best thing you can do to ensure that you’ll get an offer is setting yourself apart from the other candidates. Capitalize on what makes you different, which can be professionally or personally. Keep in mind, people hire other people. Bringing a new dynamic along with your skills to an office can set you apart from others.


That isn’t the only thing you can do to stand out. Make sure you have some great questions to ask both the human resources recruiter and hiring manager from your potential department.


Here are some unique questions to ask that will impress any recruiter:

1.      Are there any opportunities for growth or professional development?

2.      How will I be onboarded?

3.      What are some projects your team is currently working on, and how will I be helping you reach your goals?

4.      How will my performance be evaluated? How often?

5.      How often do you meet individually with your team members?

6.      What are the most important skills someone in this position will need?

7.      How are large projects managed?

8.      What has kept you at the company?

9.      Can you tell me a little about the team/department?

10.  What are next steps in the interview process?


Nervous about what you’ll be asked in your next interview?

 Here are some common interview questions to make sure you have a clear and concise answer for:

1.      Tell me about yourself

2.      What interested you about this position?

3.      Why are you leaving your job?

4.      What is your greatest strength and biggest weakness?

5.      Tell me about a project you worked on where things didn’t always go according to plan. How did you deal with that?


What questions do you typically ask in interviews? Which questions do you practice to make you feel more prepared?