10 Over-the-Knee Boots for Under $50

unnamedboots It's that time of year again! Boot season. Of all our boot options, the over-the-knee boot reigns supreme. If you want your boot game to be fire for rest of the year, then they are a must. They're great for casual looks or you can dress them up. I've collected quite a few boots over the years, but my favorites here, and, here just happen to be over-the-knee. Aren't they cute!?

I absolutely adore the black pair. Some of my favorite looks here, here, and here include them. The brown pair is so chic with socks and a fall color story! I love it!

There are so many options at great prices this season. Here are 10 over-the-knee for under $50:

1. Lola's Shoetique 2. UrbanOg 3. Lola's Shoetique 4. UrbanOg 5. UrbanOg 6. UrbanOg 7. UrbanOg 8. UrbanOg 9. JustFab 10. JustFab