10 fun things you can do when going out alone

People tend to think that there is no way that you can have go out and have fun, alone but you can. Going out alone has many benefits and is sometimes when you'll have your most memorable experiences. 


Some of the benefits of going out alone include the increased chances of meeting someone new and making new friends. When you're going out with your friends, you aren't always trying to strike up conversation with someone you don't know. When you're comfortable, there's no reason to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

Another benefit is you can go and do whatever you please. We all have friends that aren't into certain music genres, so that concert is out of the question; or they aren't a sports fan so getting tickets to a game would be a waste of money. You get to be 100% you and enjoy the things you love, around other people who love them as well. 

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Here are 10 things you can do for fun when going out solo: 

Take a fitness class  - Enrolling in a fitness class is a fun thing to do whether you're with friends or not. Being around like-minded people is sure to create some genuine friendships as well. 

Go to a museum - Depending on your personality, a museum might be the perfect outing activity during the day. You can even try going to different museums each weekend. 

See a movie - More people are starting to forget about getting a date and are just going to see the movie they're interested in. Going to a new movie on a Friday night might be overwhelming but catching the matte nay is a great way to see a film alone. 

Dinner - You should always try not to eat alone at work and other functions but there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a dinner date. 

Spa day - Self-care is very important so take the time to relax and pamper yourself - and doing it alone is a great way to clear your head and get some "me time." 

Go to a bookstore - Bookstores are no longer just for those who love to read. There are events, coffee shops and they provide a great place to work and lounge. You also never know what great finds you'll discover. 

Travel solo - Solo travel is all the rage this year and people are even creating recreational and professional groups on the idea of traveling alone. 

Take a class - Take the time to learn something new. Maybe you were always interested in taking an art class or learning more about car mechanics; if you're looking for something interesting to do alone, a class could be it. 

Take on DIY projects - DIY projects are always fun because not only are you learning something new, you're accomplishing something that already needed to get done. Tackling home improvement projects alone can be fun if you allow yourself to make mistakes and be creative. 

Go hiking - A walk may bore some, but a hike is definitely more engaging. If you're going to hike a trail alone, be sure that you have reception and your cell phone is charged. Also, don't forget to let someone know where you'll be in case of an emergency. Once all of your safety bases are covered, a hike can be quite relaxing. 


What do you like to do for fun when you're alone?