10 Black-Owned Non-Profits Making a Difference

On average, a dollar only stays in the Black community for no more than six hours, based on an NAACP report. 


Black people have a $1.1 trillion collective buying power and yet none of that potential wealth isn't being distributed back into the community. What's really suffering, in addition to Black small businesses, are Black-owned not for profits. Non-profit organizations are doing the real work to fix serious issues in the community, and give Black children a fair chance at education and other resources. 

Here are 10 Black organizations making a difference in the world: 

African American Planning Commission

The AAPC is a non-profit based out of NYC that is trying to get people out of homelessness, and address issues that are the results of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and mental illness. 

The Association of Black Psychologists

This group is gathering psychologists of African decent, to promote African psychology practices and influence, and eliminate some of the issues in the Black community. 

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

This public policy non-profit that curates high-impact research and ideas for public law solutions that will effect communities of people of color. They use targeted media to reach officials of color to create change. 

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

One of the most prominent organizations helping to advocate for people of color and stand up to social injustice. They work to ensure educational, political and economical equality for minorities. 


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Girls Going Global

Girls going global is a social enterprise that is dedicated to exposing African American girls to cultures around the world. They expose young girls to traveling internationally at a young age to get to know the world around them. 

Girls Empowerment Summit

The Girls Empowerment Summit is based is Sierra Leone, where they hold workshops to help undeserved girls get the skills they need to be leaders in society. 

Uniquely You Summit

This organization aims to empower Black girls to go places they've never been and give them advice on life, career, and bring women of all walks of life together. 

National Coalition of 100 Black Women

The goal of the coalition is for older Black women in the community to rebuild them, and pass down knowledge and redirect the energy to the younger generations. They promote Black culture and participate in civic affairs. 

National Urban League

The National Urban League is a civic-rights organization that is dedicated to serving minorities and provide economic empowerment. The Urban League has over 100 chapter in 36 states in the U.S. 

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code was founded by Kimberly Bryant and holds events, workshops and classes that teach young Black girls how to code and use technology to change their communities. 


What are some Black Non-profits you support?